5 Favorite:Tips and Tricks To Creative Wedding Photography

In the world of creative wedding photography…resourcefulness pays off. When thinking of the perfect ways to capture a precious moment some planners and brides alike lean toward the most expensive option, lining their expectations with the theory “you get what you pay for.” This may be true in some cases, but the bare truth of it is you could pay way too much for the “classic” somewhat boring hand in hand “say cheese” type of portraits or you can make unique memories that not only mark one of the most important days of your life, but capture a piece of the people you are and the relationship you’re committing to.

1. Simple Symbolism

Using the elements around you would be one of the most creative and affordable ways to produce beautiful, meaningful wedding photography. Take this example of the traditional “Hand in Hand” arrangement that was paired with an arrow marked street. While the elements in the picture appear simple at first glance the symbolism represented by the couple’s tightly clasped hands and the forward pointing arrow symbolizing unity and progression is powerful. Most definitely more “statement making” and thought provoking than the cheek to cheek customary portraits.

2. Kiss Me in the Rain

There’s a chance that you’re superstitious and a rain shower on your wedding day is the last thing you’re prepared to deal with. There’s also a chance that you tend to be more of a “silver lining” type of person and you’ll see a unique opportunity for brilliant photos that most couples miss due to praying and planning for “good weather”. The right lighting can make a kiss in the rain magical. Add the right photographer and that magical kiss will be a vivid wall-worthy moment for a lifetime.

3. A Mother’s Love

Nothing is more precious than a mother’s reaction to seeing her daughter or grand daughter making her way down the isle. With your eyes filled with tears and locked on your future forever you may miss a once in a life time chance of literally taking your mother’s breath away. If life is all about the moments you don’t want to miss this one.

4. At the Speed Of Light

Light the night with your kisses by implementing light painting into your photography plans. Using a hand held light source and a professional and experienced photographer you’re able to create and capture an electric collection of photography.

5. In The Moment

Many say that off guard photos are the best photos. I say that staged off guard photos are the potentially better. Although most brides opt to have a professional hair and makeup artist on their wedding day, one way to let your hubby see what he missed would be to get a photos of the bride touching up her already flawless bridal makeup by either applying or pretending to apply mascara, lipstick, gloss, even earrings. Yes you could have the photographer take photos of you getting your makeup and hair done, and it would be a nice gesture to send them to the makeup and hair artist(s) along with a tip and a thank you. But honestly, the memories you want to hang on walls and/or present to the world on your wedding day aren’t the ones before the makeup with the flexi-rods in your hair.

Regardless of your personal style it’s the little moments of your day that make your wedding day special. Work with your photographer to be sure the photos not only show the love you have for each other, but who you are as a couple as well as individually. Creative photography can be beautiful, thought provoking, timeless art that is most importantly worth every penny. So when it’s time to say “I DO” think outside of the box, be resourceful, think of the simple details and precious moments, work with whatever the day may bring , and most importantly…be you!