5 Fun Flower Pot Ideas Perfect For Your Deck Or Patio

Personalize your patio by planting your plants in some unique and creative flower pots. You can easily turn your ordinary everyday objects into eye-catching flower pots that will make your neighbors green with envy when they see your backyard. Here are just some ideas to get the wheels in your head turning.

Score A Touchdown With This Sporty Addition To Your Patio

Football helmet flower pots are the perfect addition to the patio of any football lover. If you have an old helmet from your younger years, dig it up and pack it with potting soil and seeds to turn it into a hanging basket of flowers.

Hit The Ultimate Home Run With This Win

Have an old baseball helmet gathering dust in the garage? Take that thing out back, hose it off, and load it with potting soil, adding seeds or an already grown plant or two in the soil and voila! You’ve got your own sporty flowerpot. Like the football helmet, you can easily turn baseball helmets into hanging flower pots, or you can just let them sit comfortably on your patio. If you’re sitting your helmet on the patio, make sure it is properly secured so the helmet doesn’t go rolling away, crushing your flowers on its way across the yard.

Flush Away Your Worries

Have you recently remodeled your bathroom? If you have, then before you throw that toilet in the trash, take a second look. It just may be the next best thing to happen to your backyard since the invention of the tire swing! Who doesn’t want to look out their kitchen window at a toilet full of flowers? Plant flowers in two places of these creative flower pots. You can plant them both in the toilet bowl itself and in the tank of the toilet and marvel at the wonders of recycled goods.

Don’t Lose Your Footing, Keep It On The Patio

Your favorite pair of sneakers has walked one too many miles but you can’t bear the thought of walking away from them. What better to do than to let them overflow with flowers? Place a pair of flower-filled sneakers by your back door that opens onto your patio, one on each side of the door, for a feeling of homey creativity. You could even add them to the front patio, as well, because nothing says “Welcome home” like your favorite flowers waiting to greet you in your favorite pair of sneakers.

Every Time Is Tea Time

For the centerpiece of your patio dining furniture, or just as a side table decoration, plant some of your favorite petite flowers in a small teapot. You can find teapots at nearly any consignment shop or in your local craft store. Careful, though. If you go online shopping for them, you’ll find mostly expensive elite teapots, and there’s no point in spending a wad of money on a small piece of pottery that’s just going to sit outside. But they really do make quaint little gifts or additions to any patio.

Hopefully these ideas got the creative juices flowing for you. Remember, it’s important that flower pots have holes in the bottoms to release excess water. Make sure that before you start packing in the soil, you’ve got holes in your new favorite flower pots. Then put that green thumb to work and make your patio shine with a bright array of flower arrangements.

Rose Boettinger is a crafty and creative guest blogging assistant for Affordable Contracting. Atlanta-area residents can visit AffordableContracting.com for a free consultation with one of their remodeling experts.