5 Fun Gadgets For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is probably the most used room in your home. From using the restroom to showering and everything in between, the bathroom gets used for most, if not all, of any grooming or body-related functions.

And since the bathroom is used for a variety of tasks, it should be one of the most fun rooms in your home. Rather than stick to the boring old gadgets and accessories, use something more innovative and clever, such as the following five gadgets.

1. AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

Doesn’t it always feel like your best thoughts and ideas always occur to you while you’re in the shower, but the minute you get out of the shower, you totally forget what it was that you were thinking? Instead of letting these great ideas become a blip on the map, invest in the AquaNotesWaterproofNotepad.

This waterproof notepad makes it possible for you to record all of your great ideas while in the shower. The durable pen and pad make it easy to write in the water, no matter what type of water pressure you enjoy. Plus, they’re even environmentally friendly, as they’re recyclable and made with soy-based ink. 

2. Shower Mic

If only American Idol would let you take your shower on stage…Everyone loves rocking out in the shower. There’s something about the way the shower surround amplifies your voice in the right way. But instead of using your fist or shampoo bottle as your mic, why not make it more realistic?

The ShowerMic doubles as both an in-shower microphone and a sponge for you to use while showering. The sponge is extremely durable and made from synthetic materials, so it is sure to last you through a great deal of concerts.

3. Magnetic Soap Holder

Soap is slippery, and it is sometimes hard to find the perfect place for it to sit without falling to the floor. That’s where the MagneticSoapHolder comes in handy. This fun gadget contains a magnet claw to keep your soap in its place.

A suction cup attaches to your bathroom surface, and this gadget elevates the soap from your countertop or shelf, allowing the soap to dry all the way around. This not only keeps your soap fresh, but it also eliminates soap residue on your bathroom furniture.

4. Help! Drain Stopper

Add a little fun to your sinks or shower with the HelpDrainStopper. These stoppers come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to match any decor. They come in one standard size which will fit most bathtub or faucet drains.

5. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Finding it hard to get your little ones to take a shower or bath? Why not make it more fun with the NoseShowerGelDispenser? Simply have your child squeeze the nose, and green shower gel pours out of the nostrils. Children will get a kick out of the silliness involved, and you’ll be happy that they’re being cleaned.

This device comes with a suction cup backing to easily adhere to any shower surface.

Teresa Manning is a writer and home designer.  She loves to give tips on how to make homes attractive and practical.  Teresa recently wrote about the pros and cons of different pool deck coatings.