5 Great Home Maintenance Projects You Can Still Do In The Winter

The fact that the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean you’re going to have to put all of your home maintenance projects aside until spring. While you may want to focus more on the upcoming holidays, your home should never be neglected. The following are some home maintenance projects you should add to your winter to-do list.

Furnace Maintenance
The chill in the air should be the perfect reminder that the really cold air will arrive before you know it. Most people forget to check their heating furnace filter on a regular basis. The truth is that a normal filter really only lasts about three months at a time. You should change your filter sometime in the fall and you’ll likely need to change it again mid-winter. This is a simple an inexpensive home maintenance project you should be able to do on your own for about $10. Upgrade to a more advanced filter and you may find a reduction in allergens in your home as well.

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance
Who doesn’t love curling up in front of a nice cozy fire during the winter months? If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, you’ll want to do some winter maintenance to ensure everything is in working order. Heck the chimney flashing, bricks, and mortar to make sure everything is in good condition and patch the cement if you find cracks. Check the flue liner to ensure there is no damage or creosote buildup and remove old ashes (they’re great for your garden). While these simple maintenance tasks are certainly things you can do on your own, you can hire a pro if you choose. You should hire a pro once per year, at a minimum, to give your chimney a full cleaning anyway.

Window Washing
When the weather’s nice, you want to be outside. When the weather’s cold, most of us want to be inside looking out. The winter months are a great time to give you windows a thorough cleaning. Start with the inside windows and if you have a nice day, do the outsides. If not, save the outsides for spring. You don’t have to wash all of the windows in your house at one time, either. Go room by room on different days if you need to.

Clear Your Home’s Clutter
Yes, cleaning and getting rid of clutter is definitely important to home maintenance. The more clutter you have overflowing in your closets and hallways, the more likely someone is to trip and fall or get hurt. You may as well take some of the time you’re stuck indoors to get rid of the old and make room for the new – especially as the holiday season approaches. Take it one room at a time and either throw away or store whatever you don’t need. Don’t want to store things? Donate them to charity. Just get them out of your house.

Painting the House
A fresh coat of interior paint can do wonders for any room, especially if the walls are a little dingy and dirty. Put a fresh coat of the same color you already have or switch to something new. Just remember to take down your curtains, cover your electric outlets, and tape around the trim. You’ll also want to choose a low-odor paint for your indoor job since you may not be able to keep your windows open for ventilation for long.

Take some time to do a few projects during the winter months and you’ll not only love the way your home looks and feels but you’ll be able to spend less time on your Spring cleaning tasks, too!

About the Author: Emely Ainscough loves DIY home improvement projects. She recently learned how to repair her own stair nosing and is currently working on sealing her old window frames. Her next project, for the winter, will be painting all of her bedrooms!