5 Great Outfits For A Night On The Town

Most women hit this problem; somewhere mid fashion season you lose all sense of direction and have no idea on what constitutes a great outfit. God forbid you commit the fashion faux pas of a duplicated outfit, because all your girlfriends seem to have your wardrobe committed to memory and remember what you wore out last week. Thank goodness for women’s clothes online, making it easier to steal ideas right?
So is this down to not having enough in your wardrobe or little imagination to come up with something new and inspired? It’s a little of both, and perhaps even a dash of confidence issues when it comes to constructing an interesting outfit. If your friends want to go for dinner, or out to a club or even both, you find yourself needing to juggle a multi functioning outfit at possibly a moment’s notice.
Before I talk you through some great ideas for an outfit, here are a few things you need to consider:
• The season – If you’re going out in the Winter, please consider your limitations in regards to weather conditions
• Your size – Everyone should know what suits their figure the most. If you’re curvy you need to know what kind of style suits you best. If you have no waist, but are super slender, make sure you dress up to this rather than dress down. Dress to your strengths at all times
• Don’t be afraid – Don’t avoid trying something new, your fashion sense will be forever changing. Roll with the new styles so you don’t count too much out of your wardrobe. You’ll be rewarded with having more choice this way

5 Great outfits for a night on the town

1. Scoop neck t-shirt and high waist skirt
This is a great casual yet semi flirty outfit for a night out. If the high waist skirt is not a look for you, a normal skirt above knee length will work with a waist belt. You can even change this style slightly to incorporate a pair of high waist shorts. This is good for pulling you into some good looking sections. Ideally, the t shirt would be black and the skirt brightly coloured. Don’t cram any patterns into this if you can help it as the construction will speak for itself. Some gorgeous ankle boots would really top this outfit off.

2. Silky shift dress
If low cut, glittery, reveal all dress isn’t right for you then the shift dress certainly will be. If you want to hit the dance floor then a little glitter certainly won’t hurt, whether this is on the dress or an accessory is completely your choice. You can partner this with a waist belt or sash to accentuate your curves and movements whilst you’re grooving with your gal pals, and would look great with a pair of low heels or wedges

3. Classic tee and Skinny Jeans
You may well want to stick with wearing jeans, and there are a few ways you can do this if you want to go out on the town. If you’re feeling daring then a low cut t-shirt showing a little cleavage may be for you. Don’t go over the top though, you want to leave a little to the imagination. A light or a dark Grey is my favourite colour when it comes to skinny jeans, especially if you have a set of legs that need showing off. Black will make you blend into the background. Grey works very well with white and black tops as well as a variety of other colours. Remember: You can add colour to your outfit with accessories and bags, you don’t need to dress like a rainbow to be noticed. Set off this outfit with some killer heels if you can walk in them, or alternatively, a pair of knee high boots with a small heel.

4. Sweater dress
This might not sound sexy and alluring to you, but a cozy, soft sweater dress can really look the part. A V-neck (plunging as low as you dare) with ¾ length sleeves (or shorter) can really cinch you in at the right places. Make sure the length is above your knee and you are certain to look casual and sexy at the same time. The great thing about this outfit is you pretty much have your pick on footwear. Wedges look best in my opinion

5. Simple solid cotton jersey dress
I can hear your thoughts on this one, this might not sound glamorous to you, but according to all those magazines out there, guys are most likely to approach the girls who are dressed low key. You put across the image of sweet and approachable. You can make the outfit sexier with some great heels with an ankle design and of course, a knowing smile.

Luckily for us, we can buy a mix and match outfit on an online women’s clothing site, which often makes our choices for us when it comes to what goes great together.
Whatever you end up wearing, remember the important thing is you need to feel confidence in what you are wearing. If you don’t feel good, you won’t enjoy your night out.

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This is a guest post by Laura Bow full time fashionista and lover of unique styles.  Laura currently works for Sosolo a fantastic place to find vintage clothing.