5 Great Reasons To Enjoy Villa Accommodations In Orlando, Florida

Orlando is an exciting destination in the heart of Orange County, Florida. Although it is known as the Amusement Park Capital of the World, thanks to attractions like Universal Studios Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort, there are also a number of other exciting things to do, see and explore in the area. Some of the top attractions in Orlando include the University of Central Florida Arboretum, the Orlando Science Center, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando Odditorium and countless golf courses, convention centres, sports arenas and fine dining restaurants. Many visitors to the area choose to stay in a villa while in Orlando. Whether you are on a luxury tour or a self-booked holiday, here are some reasons to choose a villa for your accommodation.

1. Enjoy More Space
Perhaps the biggest reasons that visitors opt to book a villa rather than a hotel room is simply because of the additional space that a villa offers. Rather than a cramped hotel room with just one room for relaxing, sleeping and socializing, a villa gives you multiple rooms to spread out, feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday.

2. Have More Privacy
Even in the most expensive and upscale hotels, guests can sometimes feel like there is a lack of privacy. After all, there are guests in rooms next to you, above you and below you. A villa is often located in a more residential area, offering greater privacy for guests and a more peaceful atmosphere.

3. Greater Comfort Levels
The downside to staying in a hotel is often that it feels quite sterile. A villa is typically designed to feel more like a luxurious home, offering guests all the same amenities they would enjoy at home like DVD players, living rooms and homey touches. For an extended stay, a villa can be a more enjoyable and comfortable place to relax.

4. Have a Kitchen Facility
Those who like to cook will love having a kitchen facility in their rental villa. In a hotel, kitchens are rare and restaurant meals are encouraged. Having a kitchen allows you to cook with local ingredients, but it can also allow you to save money by not needing to eat three meals a day in Orlando.

5. Make a Splash in a Private Pool
The weather in Orlando is warm for most of the year, meaning that pools are common in villas and hotels. However, a villa often gives guests a private pool for their own use. Rather than having to get up early to secure a sun lounger or wishing for more privacy in a hotel pool, villa guests will have the place to themselves and enjoy a private pool all on their own.

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