5 Hazards That Can Be Easily Prevented In The Office

The modern workplace can be a hazardous place and injuries not only hurt company employees, they also hurt the bottom line. Here are five simple hazards that can be easily avoided in your workplace.

1. Avoid clutter – Ensuring your workplace is clutter-free and has adequate space in which your employees can move about is an easily managed, and important way to minimize workplace injury. Simple steps like taping electrical cords to the floor, clearing objects below eye level and avoiding creating tight spaces, can be a simple yet effective manner in avoiding unnecessary events that may cause harm to those occupying this space.
2. Spills and falls – Floor spills cause falls and falls cause injury. Make sure all employees are proactive about spill management, spills need to be indentified quickly, hazard signs need to be erected and the causation of the spill needs to be addressed rapidly. Work cover NSW identifies spills, wet or oily surfaces and uneven ground as a high risk area for workplace injury; a simple management plane will minimize harm and keep your team motoring towards a successful outcome.
3. Inadequate Lighting – It is extremely difficult to avoid a hazard if we cannot see the hazard. Make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the premise to allow you employees the best opportunity to identify a hazard before it causes injury. Simple, functioning lighting will ensure all persons entering and utilizing the premise can visualize steps, spills, low items and other potential risks.
4. Dangerous stairs – Staircases are notorious for being the location of a high proportion of workplace injuries, therefore it is crucial to address the issue. Applying non-slip surfaces to steps, adequate lighting, sturdy handrails, and bright colored step edges are simple ways to assist in limiting workplace harm or injury. By spending a little money on preparing the area safely, you will save money by limiting harm to your employees and customers.
5. Lifting injuries – By far one of the highest ratios of workplace injuries, lifting injuries can have life-long effects. How many times have you hard someone say they have hurt their back at work? Too many. By conducting mandatory safe lift training at the commencement of all employment, you can limit the risk matrix, limiting the injuries sustained. Ensure that mandatory refresher courses are conducted on a regular basis and that two people are utilized for heavier lifts. Back injuries can be long lasting and extremely painful for the person suffering the injury, so it is important that every workplace takes such an avoidable injury seriously.
Workplace injuries have been occurring for centuries and sadly, most can be avoided. So be pro-active, apply the aforementioned simple measures and safeguard the welfare of all who occupy your workspace.
Andy has been working in the OHS industry for several years distributing velcro cable covers. Andy is also a regular blogger and has published several articles on prominent blogs.