5 Healthcare Jobs That Don’t Require Medical School

Medical school can certainly be tough even for the best students. According to statistics, about seven percent of medical students don’t obtain their degree. However, just because you have not completed medical school does not mean you’ll be completely blocked from obtaining a career in healthcare altogether. There are plenty of great healthcare positions a person can obtain without medical school.

Home Health Aid

The US population is aging quickly thanks to baby boomers. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future. According to HealthDay, the amount of seniors will double by 2050. Today’s seniors also prefer to live at home to maintain their independence. That’s why there is a big need for home health aides to help make that possible.

Dental Assistant

A great job in healthcare that can provide you with steady work and $30,000 a year is becoming a dental assistant. Dental assistants work under a licensed dentist. The work they perform can include things like taking X-rays, maintaining records, cleaning equipment, scheduling appointments and more. Unlike other healthcare careers, becoming a dental assistant typically only requires a year of schooling.

Physician Sales Representative

If you have a background in sales or business, you can also find a career in healthcare. Certain medical procedures require a sales element. One example is spider vein treatment. A clinic may focus on performing spider vein treatments only and require sales personnel to follow leads and produce customers for the clinic’s services.

Radiologic Technologist

To properly diagnose and treat different conditions, many of them very life threatening, medical imagery must be produced of the inner workings on the human body. This can include things like X-Rays, CAT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs and more. Radiologic technologists are in high demand in hospitals, clinics and doctor practices. They are trained to run the equipment that produces this internal imagery of the human body.

Healthcare Administrator

While doctors and nurses are at the heart of any hospital or clinic, such organizations also require management from individuals with a business background. A hospital, of course, must be run in an efficient manner to provide patients with the best care possible. A healthcare administrator is a person with a background in administration and management who helps manage the staff and facilities of a hospital, clinic or other healthcare institution.

The fastest growing industry in the United States is healthcare. However, you don’t have to go through years of medical school to obtain a job in the healthcare industry. There are plenty of great careers you can obtain without medical school such as the positions outlined above.


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