5 Lingerie Drawer Essentials

Whatever age you are and whatever lifestyle you lead, there are some bits of lingerie that you just have no excuse for not owning!
I’m about to tell you five lingerie drawer essentials that can revolutionise your life – well, or at least enhance it a little!
Here goes…

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1. Black Lace Bra Set
The black lace bra set is an absolute classic and if you haven’t got one yet, well, what are you waiting for?!
Lingerie doesn’t come any classier than this and it’s perfect both for those special occasions and even just as a great pick-me-up on a dreary Sunday morning when you’re having a bad hairday and an equally bad breakout – just slip on your black lace bra set and you’ll instantly feel sexier, even if no one know you’re wearing it!
So yes, single ladies, you too need a sexy lingerie set! No excuses!
2. Sports Bra
Just like every woman needs that one luxury, splash-out lingerie set, so too does she need the less glamorous but equally neccessary sports bra.
A wonderful invention that merged lingerie and sportswear, a proper sports bra is perfectly supportive and absolutely essential when exercising, whether that’s going for a jog, hitting the gym or throwing some shapes at a kick-boxing class!
Exercising without adequate support can not only lead to discomfort and back pain, it can also lead to premature sagging ladies – not a good look!
3. Lingerie Tape
When it comes to lingerie tape, you’re either a die-hard fan or you think, er really, double-sided sellotape for my chest?
Lingerie tape is a little miracle in itself however, it can let you wear even the most plunging of necklines without worrying about anything showing as you twirl on the dancefloor!
Strapless tops and dresses too become perfectly held in place with a little magical tape, great if you’re one of those people who’s always avoided the style due to constantly needing to hitch the neckline up!
4. Designer Pyjamas
Pyjamas are made for sleeping in and only need to be comfortable right? Well, yes, they do need to be comfortable but why sacrifice style if you don’t have to?
Invest in a pair of high quality designer pyjamas and you can look great even as you snooze away (unless you’re dribbling onto your pillow that is…) – plus, luxury brands sell well-made goods, so your Calvin Klein pyjamas will last you for years longer than your Primark ones ever could!
5. Babydoll
Last but definitely not least is the babydoll, another piece of sexy lingerie that you really must own. Thanks to their loose, floaty, almost casual style babydolls manage to look stunning and beautiful whilst still maintaining that ‘I just threw this on’ look.
Plus, that floaty fabric will hide a multitude of sins so if you’re feeling bloated and want to hide your tummy, a babydoll lets you do just that without losing any style points!
Do you agree with my selection? Have I missed a piece of lingerie off that you swear by? Please tell me in the comments below!
Michelle Star blogs for Idlewild London, online retailers of ladies loungewear and sleepwear by luxury designer brands.