5 Mens Streetwear Staples You Need In 2022

5 Mens Streetwear Staples You Need In 2022

If you’re looking to upgrade your streetwear game in 2022, you’re in the right place. We are here to introduce 5 staples that you will reach for all year round through all the seasons. No matter your budget, you will be able to find the freshest fits! So, let’s find out how you can upgrade your streetwear game this year. 


First up we have tracksuits, an absolute streetwear essential that you will wear all year. You can wear it as a full tracksuit for an effortless weekend look, pair the joggers with a tee for the winter, or go for a slightly smarter look with a hoodie and jeans. 

Keep it simple with a plain grey, black or navy tracksuit so that you can easily mix and match them with other things. Oversized tracksuits are really in style in 2022, plus you get a whole new level of comfort this way! When you have a tracksuit in your wardrobe, you will never struggle to find a stylish streetwear outfit. 

Black Ripped Jeans

Next we have black ripped jeans, streetwear essential for those slightly smarter days. Skinny fit jeans are going out of style, so go for a straight leg jean to keep up with the trends in 2022. Your options are endless with a pair of black ripped jeans and they can be a staple for any outfit. Add a hoodie, tee, overshirt or jacket to your jeans! 

If you aren’t a fan of ripped jeans, then feel free to stick with normal jeans. Ripped jeans can wear quicker as the rips tend to expand, so if you do choose ripped, it is worth bearing this in mind! Also, black jeans can easily be interchanged for blue, which are ideal for the summer months when you want a slightly more colourful aesthetic. 

Cargo Pants

A big trend in 2022 are cargo pants, a utility style trouser that have become popular in the world of streetwear. The cut is generally flattering but not overly tight, so suits lots of different body shapes. Cargo pants first became popular in the 90’s and have had a resurgence in the last year, so now is the perfect time to invest! 

Pair them with tees for a simple look, or go for the full cargo look with a utility overshirt. Simple grey or black cargo wear looks amazing, or mix it up a bit by choosing a khaki outfit. 


For the cooler months of the year, beanies are a must in your streetwear wardrobe. This way, you don’t need to compromise on comfort for style. Ideal for styling with any outerwear, beanies are way more stylish and much warmer than bucket hats. Plus, this isn’t just a trend, as they have been in style for years and years, so you won’t be buying a beanie just to replace it for the next big trend next year. With beanies, you can easily find something to suit your budget. 

Puffer Jacket

Another streetwear essential for the cooler months is a puffer jacket! Like the other staples, these have been in style for years, so you can buy one safe in the knowledge that you will get good use out of it. There are so many styles of puffer jacket, from thin to very thick ones, so you can tailor this closely to your personal style and aesthetic. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a puffer jacket either, as if you have a lower budget, wait until Spring time and shop in a mens puffer jacket sale to get a bargain!