5 Most Common VoIP Myths VS Reality

5 Most Common VoIP Myths VS Reality

Unrivaled low costs and great quality have encouraged more and more people to switch to VoIP. Since its launch, the demand for the software has increased rapidly which is still showing the same trend. The number of people favoring and promoting VoIP solution is increasing day by day. Among these, there are still some people who have doubt about its usability and benefits for the business.

These are either the people who rely on other solutions or the ones who tried to VoIP optimization solution in its early stage when it was not fully developed with all the features. Though there were some problems with the initial VoIP solutions, most of the people avoiding it till that are doing it due to some myths.

To switch to a completely different and advanced solution, one needs all the detailed information, which seems to be missing with VoIP software. This gap gave rise to many myths. Here in this blog, we have debugged the top five myths associated with this technology.

Myth 1: VoIP Solution Costs you a Fortune

Reality: As against the common belief that investment in these solutions can cost you a lot, this can reduce the monthly phone bill by half. By using this solution, businesses can connect remote offices and workers in the most cost-effective way despite their location. Further, it also cuts down hardware costs by making phone system scaling a less expensive process.

Myth 2: VoIP is an unreliable Solution

Reality: Actually the problem is not with the VoIP solution, but with the bandwidth. Companies which don’t have proper bandwidth to handle international calls find it unreliable. To get a solution to this problem, you can easily invest in VoIP bandwidth saver and can improve call quality with reduced drop rates and noise.

Myth 3: VoIP Solution is not Safe

Reality: Security with the VoIP solution is not concerned with the software, but it is related with the internet and the operators using it on the web. When people can transfer big amounts through online transactions, why so much fear about software used to make phone calls. To tackle this problem, different companies like Telepacket are developing technologies and software like firewalls. So, if you are buying the solution from a reliable company, there is no risk.

Myth 4: Money can be Saved Only when Making Calls to Other VoIP Systems

Reality: This is the most baseless myths among all. Though there are a few VoIP system providers who offer a solution with limited features, most of the companies offer solutions using which you can easily make IP to IP, IP to PTSN, international and long distance calls. Not just this, by using VoIP anti-blocking solutions, you can also make calls in restricted areas.

Myth 5: VoIP System is beneficial Only for Large Businesses

Reality: In reality, this solution is more beneficial for small businesses with limited budget. This gives them more flexibility to get an edge in the competitive market and that too without spending a lot of money.

Hope after knowing the reality, you will not think much about investing in VoIP software. This is an effective solution to stay in touch with the clients globally and that too in your budget. In today’s time, this is the most effective telephony solution available to large, medium and small-scale businesses.