5 Most Common Wedding Flower Mistakes We Often Make

Being honest, flowers can make your day or break your day so, your budget entries should have a few blank lines for flowers because your wedding day can not be special without their presence. I know, flower selection is quite confusing as you have to remember few factors like color, shape, and combination of flowers with the venue.

And because of this confusion, some of the brides do mistakes and at the end, become disappointed with their decisions. So, here I share the most common mistakes that brides do while selecting flowers. What I suggest always is, order bridal flowers by moyses which come in rich quality.

Focus on these mistakes and keep yourself from doing the same on your big day. Just believe in the quote: “learn from the mistakes of others.” Let’s start the lesson…

1. Choosing imperfect size of boutonnière blooms

Some of the brides select flowers which are too big for groomsmen’s boutonnière which could not give a perfect look. So, I advise you to go small and petite. Also, you should choose hardier flowers during summer which will hold up to the heat such as miniature calla lilies, freesia, and a cluster of berries.

Perfect flower size can give the best appeal to the entire look so do not make mistake like selecting the big size of flowers which can overwhelm your charm.

2. They try recreating a risky Pinterest floral styles

Just by watching the examples, brides start preparing the same for their special day. No doubt, they love tables and centerpieces loaded with open-flame tapered candles look gorgeous. And this can give a fabulous look while doing a photo shoot. But sometimes it can become your biggest mistake if you haven’t planned it well. You should not allow it in the wedding venue as it is against the fire code in a tent.

3. Not communicating perfect timeline to florist

This one often occurs as couples forget to talk about the time they would like their bouquets and boutonnières to be delivered. So it depends on your wedding time, if you are taking photos before the ceremony then your personal flowers should deliver early.

Also, one more needful thing that you should choose flowers which do well out of the water and will look beautiful & fresh whole time.

4. Brides assume they can donate leftover flowers easily

Well, it is wonderful to want to share the abundance with those unhealthy or less fortunate flowers. It is not always possible to drop off flowers at a hospital or nursing home. Most of them have certain rules and regulations and some charities that pick up leftover flowers will require an additional donation to value your flowers.

5. Some brides select flowers with strong aromas

You can look for sweet smelling flowers during the ceremony but for the dinner and reception, most of you want to choose strong smelling flowers that can overpower the food. And to do this, bride choose some extra strong smelling flowers which can make guests annoy.

Strong fragrances can also make guests with allergies to become uncomfortable. Yes, it can be possible that some of the guests are not comfortable with the smell and it can happen that they couldn’t attend the ceremony. No bride likes this, do you? So, you should keep this factor in mind before selecting flowers for your big day.


So, the above-mentioned are the mistakes that you should avoid making if you want to keep your guests happy and comfortable. At the end, it is your day so every single thing must be settled up according to your desire. Stay away from mistakes and make your day stunning!….