5 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

It is important that everyone know of some of the most dangerous cities scattered in different countries around the world. Often times, people find themselves headed to a different country to enjoy the available amenities that can be found at a number of luxury resorts. However, these people often do not realize that outside of that luxury resort, there are some very dangerous cities. Prior to traveling, it is essential to know about which cities are the most dangerous so that they can be avoided like the plague.

What Are The Top Five Most Dangerous Cities in the World?
The top five most dangerous cities are all located in different countries around the world. These cities, listed in order, include:

1. Cape Town, South Africa
2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
3. Guatemala City, Guatemala
4. Baghdad, Iraq
5. Bogota, Colombia

Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is known for being a popular tourist attraction with millions of people traveling to the city from areas all over the world. While the city is vibrant and has a number of attractions and fun things to do, the crime rate is also relatively high. Those who are caught off guard at certain times may end up in danger. Robberies often take place in the city which is why it is recommended that tourist only stay in the safest areas of the city and do not walk around in areas without much light.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The reason that San Pedro Sula is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world is because of its extremely high murder rate. Robbery is part of everyday life in this city and because of that, the vast majority of citizens living in this city carry a weapon on them to stay protected. Tourists should avoid this city at all costs especially since tourists are commonly targeted by the criminals living in this city.

Guatemala City, Guatemala. Tourists are advised to take caution when traveling in Guatemala City, especially since the crime rate is so high. Along with a high crime rate, the government in the city is corrupt and the police are unable to deal with such high levels of criminal activity because they simply do not have the necessary equipment and sizable task force. The city is definitely beautiful but the violence is too far out of hand.

Baghdad, Iraq. Baghdad has been, for quite some time now, a dangerous city to live in and to visit. There is constant violence in the streets and much of the violence simply cannot be predicted. There are often bombings that take place on the streets, killing innocent bystanders. The city is very hostile and tense and is definitely not an ideal place to visit.

Bogota, Colombia. In Bogota, there are some safe areas. However, when tourists drift away from the safe areas, they can end up in a whole lot of trouble. The area is full of drugs and violence, along with people who are choosing to rebel against their own government.

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