5 Most Important Roles & Importance Of Transportation

5 Most Important Roles & Importance Of Transportation

What the outcome of Non-existence would be

If there are no means of movement or transportation from place to place. Do you think life and existence would have been a bit more easier? I don’t think it’s certainly going to be, in any case, the hassles would rather become more tormenting than ceasing to live.

Ever imagined how co-existence and our daily living would be, when we wake up in the morning and realize there are no means of transportation to and fro our various destinations of target. It’s certainly going to be a bit more tormenting, the challenges would aggravate. As well as, some of us would not find it easy doing anything to help them succeed in life. Maybe because of the location of their various places of work, and workshops and businesses.


Everyone, including the layman’s point of view on transportation still means movement from one place to another, having the opportunity as well as necessary facilities to travel around as courtesy demands in life. In the past, transportation seemed a bit challenging as a result of the limited means of transportation obtainable, but as time progressed, humans, from his constructive invent was able to come up with remarkably a great number of means of transportation, thus making travel easier.

Importance and Role

Transportation; If its importance be weighed, you will mostly come to realize that it has both economic importance, social importance, academic as well as diplomatic importance all the same. You may discover factors like…

Business/ Economic Activities

In its economic importance and roles, Every business like we all know needs transport facilities and amenities to grow. Business production, transaction, as well as promotion may never be achievable without good roads, connective links between places and the other, vehicles, lorries as well as freights to move goods around etc. second tier business owners in the likes of suppliers and wholesalers are also sure to encounter difficulties in the pursuit of their commercial goals.

Academic Activities

To attain a high level education and enlightenment, transportation is a requisite that cannot be compromised. In the ancient times, illiteracy rate was more elevated than ever before, reasons then were mostly attributed to poverty and proper awareness on education and its vast benefits. Even nowadays when the people are all well informed — a lot of people still find reasons staying out of school. Transportation facilitates easy movement of students, pupils and their respective tutors to the venue of study. As well as leading them back to their various homes.

The role of transportation in education are
It increases the number of interested students
It help students get to school on time
It help even the paid tutors reach their schools in time
It saves time
It saves money
It saves life and well as promotes good health
It raises the number of educated people in the society