5 Most Influential Christian Leaders Alive Today

Today, there are a variety of Christian leaders who have made it their mission to keep Christian values in the consciousness of America. If you want to learn more about Christianity, then read one of the books by the following leaders to gain a greater insight about what this religion teaches. Christian leaders all have one thing in common, and that is their teaching rooted in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. By learning more about Christian beliefs from one of these leaders, you may find that some of the beliefs could have a more positive impact on American society if they were practiced today.
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1. Joel Osteen
This Texan preacher has become famous around the world for his voice of inspiration and kindness. He puts his entire heart into his sermons, and his sermons are aired on broadcast media every week. Over 100 million viewers tune in to learn more about Biblical teachings from Joel Osteen. He is the famous author of the book, “Live Your Best Life Now.” While some critics believe that he focuses too much on the power of positive thinking rather than God’s own power, those who appreciate Joel Osteen love the way that he uplifts other and is selfless in his sermons. He can be seen on shows like Larry King Live, the Oprah Winfrey Show and other leading cable network shows.
2. C.S. Lewis
As the author of the Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis has helped Christianity maintain a philosophical grounding in the world. His books have taught people to think seriously about their faith in Jesus Christ. In an age where mega-churches are popular and Christianity continues to be taught in a way based purely on emotion, books from authors like C.S. Lewis are needed for bringing people back to reality. Books like the Screwtape Letters teach people the fundamental aims of Christianity. C.S. Lewis is also the author of other books like the Chronicles of Narnia and the Problem of Pain.
3. Rob Bell
As the creator of the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Rob Bell has started a new movement in Christianity. His books have caused thousands of Christians to question their traditional values and adhere to a more modern version of Christianity. His best-selling books include Velvet Elvis and Sex God. The Mars Hill Bible Church began its services in the gymnasium of a local high school in Grand Rapids, and it has since grown to include over 10,000 members. Rob Bell has been quoted as saying that he “affirms the truth in any religious system,” which has spurred major criticism from conservative religious groups.
4. George W. Bush
As the former President of the United States from 2000 to 2008, George W. Bush taught thousands of conservative Christians how to embrace the “compassionate conservative” mold. Bush was able to appeal to many diverse groups that did not embrace Christianity by simply having compassion for them. Bush has been a strong leader in the Christian movement, and he has shown a nation how to adhere to their Christian values despite a culture that may deny such values.
5. Billy Graham
As one of the most-watched television evangelists in the world, Billy Graham received the status of a celebrity when major heavy-hitters like William Hearst supported him. He has also served as an advisor for presidents like Richard Nixon. Research studies have shown that Billy Graham has helped over three million people become devoted to the Christian faith.
These five leaders have all impacted Christianity in their own unique way. If you want to learn more about their beliefs, then you should consider reading one of their published works for more information.

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