5 Most Popular Ceiling Designs For A Stunning Home Look

No home décor project is complete without renovating the ceiling. You can enhance the beauty of your home by experimenting with many ceiling design ideas. It is a dream of everyone to live in a beautiful home with sumptuously decorated furniture, door, windows and walls. However, a chic and elegant ceiling can be a great addition to your home’s interior design. They can become even more attractive if you hang lights and chandeliers from them.

Types of Ceilings

There are many types of ceilings you can choose from for your home. The most popular of them are Victorian, Traditional, Contemporary and Modern ceilings. You can easily incorporate a modern ceiling in an old home to give it a fashionable and classy look. You can generate new ceiling design by merging the basic ones. It is very exciting to have an idea of your own, which meets your particular requirements as well as satisfies your aesthetic taste, to decorate your home ceilings.

There are two main classes of ceiling designs. First is the dropped ceilings, and another one is the raised ceilings. Both these styles have sub-categories of their own. It is appropriate to mention that dropped and suspended ceiling are the same thing. They only include conventional ceilings which are devoid of any decoration. On the other hand, shed, cathedral, tray and clove ceilings fall in the category of raised designs.

by Hufker Design Studio

Dropped Ceilings

Dropped ceilings are lower in height than other types of ceilings. As the name suggests, you can install them underneath the main ceiling. They primarily provide support to the main ceiling. That is the reason they are often known as secondary ceilings. They provide you with countless opportunities and designs to decorate modern or contemporary ceilings. For instance, you can incorporate a modern and classy look to your living room by installing suspended ceilings. Furthermore, you can considerably boost the visual appeal of your home by lighting them in different ways.

by LaRue Architects

Tray Ceilings

No other type of ceiling can match the beauty of tray ceilings. Most modern and traditional homes feature this very type of ceiling. Their inverted or recessed features alongside their rectangular shape make them a visual treat. They also get their name from their appearance because do look like an inverted tray. They are also one of the most beautiful types of ceilings available in the market. The edges usually have dramatic, subtle, ornate or plain moldings further adding to their splendor.

by Interiors by Royale

Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral or vaulted ceiling is another very common type of ceiling used in both modern and traditional homes. This kind of ceiling has exposed roof beams, and they are very high as well. They look like common church ceilings because they have pointed upward tops at the center. If you want to add real beauty and style to any room, you must install vaulted ceiling. They look particularly sensational in dining and living rooms. Most importantly, they are highly decorated and thus attractive.

by Downey Szafarz Architects

Cove Ceilings

Unlike other ceiling, they have curved or domed joints between walls and the ceiling. That is the point where you usually install the moldings. The ceiling is flat just like any other type of ceiling. Only the point where the ceiling and walls meet are curved or arched. You can increase their beauty manifold by making unique or colorful designs at the moldings. The another method to enhance their charm is to hang crystal chandeliers and lamps from them.

by Allan Malouf Studio

These are some of the most common types of ceilings you can install in your home. They complement all kinds of homes perfectly be it is a traditional, contemporary or modern home. Similarly, you can test additional ceiling design patterns such as popcorn, wooden or stucco to add more drama and character to your home.