5 Must-Do’s For The New Entrepreneur

New entrepreneurs instantly embark on a fulfilling but challenging journey the moment they start their budding venture. Gaining business know-how can take days, months or years of real world practice depending on how open you are to receiving good advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

Be open to change. Nimble business owners spot trends quickly. Honoring changing trends can put you and your new business on a successful path.

Work on Your Mindset

Set aside time before your work day begins to work on your mindset. The thoughts and feelings you choose dictate how far your new business venture goes. Picking positive thoughts and feelings moves you and your business in a successful direction.

Most new entrepreneurs do a terrible job working on their mindset. Newbies generally ignore golden advice and follow bad advice because they are coming from a space of fear, desperation or greediness. These energies can be rooted out by meditating, affirming and expressing gratitude for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day.

Work on your mindset to spot good advice. Use proven, practical tips to grow your venture.

Build Your Network

Build your network aggressively. Grow your influence. Leverage your presence. New entrepreneurs often avoid this critical action. Shy, unconfident new business owners may feel that they have nothing to offer other entrepreneurs. By meeting people you can come out of your shell, spread value and build your friend network. Friends help you when times get tough.

Friends also point you in the right direction when you want to better streamline your new venture. Make as many friends as possible by helping people. Promote others. Offer your assistance. Helping other people magnetizes you to hungry customers. Build your network steadily to grow your new venture quickly.

Create Value

Create value to attract value. Customers appreciate healthy, updated blogs, email newsletters, videos and offline newsletters. Giving away good, helpful information relevant to your niche helps prospects know, like and trust you. Gain the trust of your target audience by teaching them the ins and outs of your product or service. Write helpful reviews of any product. Share free tips to help your customers solve their problems. Sharing your insight in a clear, free fashion grows your business on a solid foundation.

Build an Email List

Building an email list establishes strong relationships with current and future customers. List-building provides you with a channel through which you can connect with people in a convenient fashion. Grow your list by capturing subscriber information through web forms. Direct offline customers to your website or blog. Set up opt in forms on your blog to capture contact information. Send out helpful updates once or twice each week to grow your new venture.

Follow the Best

Successful entrepreneurs can lead you in the right direction. Follow successes to learn their secrets. Embrace their practical tips. Do what they did to succeed. More importantly, avoid their failures. Successes are quick to share why and how they failed during their journey. Cut your learning curve. Learn from their mistakes. Make your life easier.

Kelli Cooper enjoys blogging about all things business, from how to acquire start up capital to how to execute a successful online marketing campaign.