5 Of the Best Cloud Storage Services Explained

We have witnessed a huge spike in the field of cloud hosting and storage since the 2008, Google Trends and other stats services online indicate that very clearly. This has enticed tons of companies to jump into this new field and offer their cloud hosting and storage services to businesses. This competition has its own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you might face tough time in choosing the right service for you.  Hence we are discussing 5 of the top-class cloud storage services available in the world right now.

Google Drive:

Google is the most popular word of the web-sphere, no doubt. All the services that Google offers are of the highest quality and provide excellent user experience. Hence it is important to discuss Google`s cloud storage service before all others, known as Google Drive. Google Drive was introduced in April 2012. The Free service of Google Drive offers 5GB of storage to its users which is actually enough for the majority of users around the globe.

The premium plans are available at following prices:

  1. 25 GB – 2.49$ / month
  2. 100 GB – 4.99$/ month

The biggest plan offers up to 16 TB of storage at the price of 799.99$ which is used only by large enterprises.

The maximum allowed file size is 10 GB in Google Drive. Its seamless integration with Google Apps makes it a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Drop Box:

Drop box has become very popular in last 2-3 years. Although the features it offers are not as great compared to Google Drive but still it offers enough flexibility and features to users to make it the 2nd best in the world of cloud storage services. The Free account of Dropbox offers 2GB of space, which is less than that of Google, but still is good enough for 90% of internet users. You can have your space limit exceeded by referring your friends to Dropbox which gives you an option to avail larger disk space without paying anything.

Other Paid Plans Are:

  1. 100 GB – 9.99$ /month
  2. 200 GB – 19.99$ /month
  3. 500 GB – 49.99$ /month


Amazon cloud services have been around since the very beginning. Although Amazon is not so popular for its cloud service, but rather its e-commerce website which is the #1 in the world of online shopping. The free account of Amazon offers the storage of 5 GB, and can be upgraded up to 1000 GB of space at a fixed price per GB. Amazon is considered as the pioneer in this market, and hence has the largest number of clients in the world. However, the way Google is progressing, it does not seem impossible that Google will surpass Amazon easily in coming years.

Apple iCloud:

Apple`s cloud service is known as Apple iCloud, and it is pretty similar in nature when compared to Amazon Cloud Services in terms of pricing and key features. The iCloud offers best cloud storage service free up to 5GB, which is quite reasonable for Apple users. iCloud integrates flawlessly with all Apply products, including, iPhone, iPad and Macbook which is a great plus for Apple lovers.

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