5 Of The Best Midtown Restaurants You Need To Try

5 Of The Best Midtown Restaurants You Need To Try

Eating out in Midtown New York can be mind-boggling as much as it’s stomach-filling. This is because with the long list of the best Midtown restaurants, you will surely have a hard time deciding which one to try next. Need help in deciding? This post lists down five of the places that should be on the list of any foodie looking for a gastronomic feast.

American Cut Steakhouse

If steak is what you are craving for, this is the place where you should go. Headed by Chef Marc Forgione, who is also the man behind Lobster Press and Restaurant Marc Forgione, this premier restaurant takes pride in having an exquisite menu and elegant décor to complete your dining experience. You can visit their website here and check out their latest offerings – https://www.americancutsteakhouse.com.

Gabriel Kreuther

If you look at the reviews from TripAdvisor, this is the one that tops the list. With a combination of chic and romantic vibe, this is an ideal place for a dinner date or intimate gatherings with a small group of friends. Some of the bestsellers in their menu include the poached Maine lobster and Nantucket baby scallops. The view of Bryant Park adds to the charm of this beloved French restaurant.

Ai Fiori

For those who love Italian and French cuisine, this is a restaurant that you need to visit. Recognized by Culture Trip as one of the best in Midtown New York, the place is known for their signature pastas. More than the food, it’s also known for their artisanal cocktails. This is the perfect place to enjoy not only good food, but also delicious drinks that will excite your taste buds.


This restaurant has been described by Time Out as “an upmarket shrine to the simple pleasures of the Italian coastline.” It’s a great place for those who enjoy octopus, sea urchin, and lobster. It might be expensive, but you will surely not regret spending your money in a place like this. More than their food, they are also known for their long list of all-Italian seafood-friendly beers. For those with a more adventurous appetite, this place holds a lot of promise.

Sushi Yasuda

Since its opening in 2009, this establishment has been a staple in the rankings of the best sushi restaurants not only in Midtown, but in the whole of New York City. The master sushi chefs who have headed the restaurants were credited for its success, bringing a taste of authentic Japan in the Big Apple. The amiable service, more than the mouthwatering sushi, sets this place apart from many of its competitors.

As the core of the city, Midtown Manhattan is known not only for the bustling commercial scene and stunning architecture, but also as a great place for a gastronomic feast. Whether you like steak, sushi, or pasta, among others, there is a place where you can sit down and treat your taste buds to an explosion of flavors.

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