5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With A Friend

The summer is coming and there’s no better time than to call up a friend and spend some time outdoors. While you can always go the predictable (and lazy) route and just go out for a meal or coffee, if you want something more exciting and healthy as an activity, here are five great ideas for outdoor activities you can do with a friend:

Bike Riding
Going for a nice bike ride is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting a good workout. Bike riding is a low impact physical activity, so it’s easy on the joints and can be recommended for all ages, so neither you nor your friend can use the excuse of having a bad knee or being too old.
Contrary to popular belief, hiking is not just like walking. Depending on the trail you choose, hiking can be equivalent to any advanced cardiovascular exercise regimen due to the varying terrain and often steep hills to climb on some trails. Hiking is a great activity to do with a friend because you can go at any pace you like together and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
If you have a lake or river anywhere near you geographically, kayaking is a perfect outdoor activity that you can do with a friend because kayaks are naturally built for two people. Kayaking requires teamwork and gives a great upper body workout, so it makes a great outdoor activity choice for those wanting a challenge.
When it comes to sports, one great outdoor sporting activity to do with a friend is a game or two of tennis. You can find inexpensive racquets and tennis balls in any sporting good store, and many parks and recreation areas have open tennis courts for public use. Tennis is a great activity option for friends who want to learn and improve their skills in a specific sport, since tennis requires a certain level of agility and technique.
Surfing or Boogie-boarding
Although their availability depends on your location, surfing and/or boogie boarding are truly addictive outdoor activities that can be done alone, but are even better with a friend because you get a buddy to go out on the waves with you, and you also get a buddy to keep an eye on you in case, heaven forbid, anything happens in the water. Surfing and boogie boarding are perfect activities for beach lovers because it gives you a reason to be on the beach all day, while also getting a great workout.
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