5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Family Law Attorney

5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Family Law Attorney

Our lives today are the busiest that we’ve ever been and it seems that it’s only picking up momentum. Life can come at you fast and hard and if you’re not resilient, you can become an unfortunate victim on multiple levels – one of the levels may include family law.”Family law,” centers on rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit.

A family law attorney will provide services and help with a wide range of legal issues and primarily advise clients in litigious or non-litigious matters. Family law includes legal issues such as paternity, child and spousal support, custody, divorce and division of assets, adoption, child abuse and neglect, rights of gay or lesbian couples, foster care matters, rights of men or women in divorce proceedings, and parental rights.

You should seriously consider legal counsel when matters of family law arise because during those challenging times when it seems that you life and very existence is falling apart, you may be in states of heightened emotion. This would not be a good time to make decisions based on irrational and emotions which could result in retaliatory complications. Family law is complicated and not to be taken lightly. Additional information is available by visiting David M. Moore, Esq., LLC. Consider the following when deciding on retaining an attorney:

Type of divorce – there are some attorneys out there who are known for being fierce litigators, others who are great at reaching settlements early and more yet who fall somewhere in between. Knowing what kind of divorce you want can help you narrow down which attorney to choose.

The list – makes a list of all relevant attorneys potential attorneys and chooses the one that can best meet your needs. You don’t have to hire the first attorney that you meet with. In fact, it is a better idea to ask for recommendations from friends and family, or look online, to create a small list of attorneys to choose from.

Experience – has the attorney handled cases that feel like yours? Family law matters are not just “one size fits all” cases. There are so many nuances and facts related to each client. Ask if they have recently represented clients in a case similar to yours and ask for some details.

Accessibility – does the attorney have 24/7 contact information? Do they utilize text, email, voice, Skype, or other means to communicate? What is the availability of the attorney regarding time and day or night may be important to you and your case. Please keep in mind that your attorney may not respond in the middle of the night.

Costs – does the attorney explain all of the fees involved in the process? Before you meet with an attorney, you should know that in addition to attorney’s fees for client meetings, preparation of documents and court appearances; there are significant court expenses that are associated with the process. Be prepared for these expenses, as they are part of the process.