5 Problems People Face While Being In A PG House

5 Problems People Face While Being In A PG House

Paying Guest has undoubtedly been one of the preferred accommodation for those who have been relocating cities for better career opportunities. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida are experiencing good demand for paying guest especially by the students or single working males or females. Though Paying Guest is convenient, since there are no requirement of hefty sum of deposits or brokerage along with the food and accommodation combo, but paying guest accommodation in Bangalore or any other city also has its own set of pros and cons, wherein the pros been discussed and the following are the cons

Restrictions on Late Night Entries

Staying in paying guest comes with the deadline of reaching the house on time. For some PG accommodation it is 11:00 pm but everyone has been expected to be at home by 12:00 midnight. If you are an extrovert and prefer to socialize with friends and prefer night outs then PG accommodation is something which you may not be clinging onto

Space to People Ratio

Sometimes for that extra cash inflow, the landlord tend to take more people than the space can accommodate which results in too much crowding and lack of personal space. In case you are opting for PG in Bangalore or any other cities, just check the space to people ratio since at the end of the day, your mental hygiene also matters

Bathroom Issues

This is one of the major concerns in paying guest. Since the people are not having personal bathrooms or the ratio of bathroom to users are pretty high. If you need to report to your office early morning or have morning classes, then it is important that everyone should follow a bathroom schedule (which is actually a very ridiculous proposition) but still to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to access the washroom. Water is another issue which is a recurring in P accommodation. Though, many PG promises 24 hours running water, but hardly this commitment has been maintained by the landlords

Getting Guests

Since most of the Paying Guest accommodations are already full, so very less space are there to accommodate extra person and that is one reason the guests visit are not encouraged

House Parties

Absolute no no… rather paying guest accommodations come with strict discipline and with lot of restriction. Forget about house parties, even loud music are also not allowed

Though this is a very conventional scenario of PG which has been prevailing for quite some time, but now with the changing time and taste and preferences people are becoming more flexible, but there are finite few and hardly any differences been noticed

In spite of having these concerns, the demand for paying guests are still very high because it is affordable for student’s community since lot of students relocate from their home towns and most of them have a very limited financial capacity to splurge on a life – style, hence PG accommodation looks lucrative for them. Moreover it has the option of meals also in a very cost effective manner.