5 Qualities Of A Memorable African Safari

Going on safari in Africa is a dream trip for many people. In fact, it is trip that many people have on their bucket list! If you are planning to go on a safari in Africa, there are several things that can make your experience a memorable one. As you look at the available Kenya safaris, keep five things in mind so you and your loved ones can get the most enjoyment out of your trip.

A Knowledgeable Guide

To experience a memorable safari, you must have a knowledgeable guide. A knowledgeable guide knows the best spots to see leopards, giraffes, lions and more. In fact, your guide may be aware of a few viewing spots that are mostly unknown to other guides in the area. In addition, a knowledgeable guide can answer your questions about the various animals you see. For instance, you may want to know a little about where the various animals go to drink water or what they eat each day. Your guide is there to help you learn about the animals as you enjoy observing them in their natural surroundings. A first-rate safari guide will make you feel completely safe as you venture into the habitat of several types of amazing African wildlife.

A List of Animals You Want to See

If you’re going on a safari, there is a good chance you want to see one or two specific types of animals that live in Africa. Maybe you’ve always been curious about elephants and how they behave in the wild. Or, perhaps you want to observe a herd of zebras galloping across the savanna. Making a list of animals you want to see can help your guide determine the best spots to visit. You don’t have to follow your list in a strict way, but making one can be useful if you want to take photos of those animals.

The Proper Attire

Wearing the proper clothing and shoes is important if you want to make your safari memorable. Naturally, you want to dress for the climate and wear comfortable clothing. You will be moving around and traveling over various types of terrain so it’s best to wear clothing that allows you to relax and stay cool. If you’re not sure about the weather on the day of your safari or you have other questions, ask your guide for help.

A Quality Camera

While watching the activities of giraffes, elephants and lions you’ll probably want to take some photos to show your friends and family back home. A quality camera that is lightweight and durable is your best bet. Be sure to have a sturdy case for your camera so you can put it aside when you need to. Having a sturdy case can prevent your camera from becoming damaged if it falls on the ground. Taking pictures is a great way to remember the fun times you had on safari in Africa! Visiting a resource such as www.kensingtontours.com is one idea if you’d like to start planning your safari in Africa.

A Special Journal

A special journal is helpful if you want to make note of some of the more unique things that happen on your safari. For instance, you may open your journal in the evening after a day out on the savanna to write about the lion cubs you saw playing beneath an Acacia tree. Or, you may write about something your guide told you about the area that was very surprising. Keeping a journal of each day on safari can become a keepsake to look at for years to come. It may even persuade you to travel back to
Africa for another safari!

Finally, these are just five of the elements that go into making a safari memorable. Be sure to plan a safari that includes all of the activities and sights you want to experience. You may have to allow yourself and your traveling party several days to see everything. Traveling to Africa is an experience that should be remembered and treasured.

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