5 Quality Traits Your Lawyer Should Have

When you need a lawyer, choosing the right one can make a major difference in getting the results you want with your lawsuit. It’s important to look for five key traits in an attorney, so you make the best choice for success in your legal case.

1 – Experience

Your choice of an experienced lawyer helps you tap into a wealth of knowledge that can only come from working in the legal field. Choose a lawyer who has experience and not just overall experience, but preferably experience in the field of law your case involves. It’s better to have an attorney who specializes in tax matters when you are dealing with these types of issues, as opposed to a lawyer who has experience in criminal cases.

2 – Communicates Well

When you are considering a lawyer, see how he or she explains legal terms or issues with you. If a lot of “legalese” is used and it’s going over your head, look for an attorney who speaks plainly and for the layman. It’s important to have a lawyer you can understand and takes the time to explain legal issues in plain language.

3 – Availability

Make sure you hire an attorney who is flexible with scheduling meetings, taking your calls and is conveniently located. Ask how quickly a phone call will be returned and what the office hours are. It’s important you have a lawyer who fits your schedule, not the other way around.

4 – References Available

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask an attorney for references. If he or she takes offense, it’s time to move on. Ask what types of cases have been handled in the past and what the results were. Obtain a list of clients you can call to ask their opinions on how their cases were handled, the service they received and the fees charged.

5 – Rapport

You and your lawyer will be having lots of discussions, so besides having someone you have confidence in and who explain legal issues well to you, you also want an attorney you have a rapport with. When you’re dealing with someone you can get along with, you develop a better relationship resulting in more positive results.

Begin as early as you can to shop around for a lawyer; it’s better not to be rushed. This way, you can interview more attorneys, have a wider basis of comparison, and find the best lawyer to handle your case efficiently and effectively.