5 Reasons Businesses Should Guest Blog

If your business already has a blog, you may be wondering what you can do to promote it. While there are several different options, chances are guest blogging will yield the best results. Here’s exactly what your business will gain from this activity:

Increase Your Audience
There are a lot of businesses who publish great posts on their blogs. However, if only a handful of people are reading those posts, the businesses who publish them aren’t going to gain much. If this is the situation you’re in, guest blogging can increase your blog’s audience. While there will be some overlap, since each post you publish will be to an audience that’s primarily unique, it’s easy to see how big of an impact just doing 1 or 2 guest posts a month can have.
Build Great Relationships
Writing guest posts isn’t just about connecting with new audiences. It’s also about connecting with your colleagues. Many people forget that just because someone is linked to their business doesn’t mean that they’re a competitor. There are probably quite a few influencers and other valuable contacts within your industry. Whether you want to start a relationship or strengthen your initial contact with them, there’s a good chance that guest blogging will allow you to do so.
Become an Authority
This benefit relates to increasing your audience. Thanks to all the experience you have within your industry, it’s more than likely that you have everything you need to be considered an authority. The only thing missing is that you currently aren’t able to put your message in front of enough people. Luckily, guest blogging provides an easy way to fill in this gap. If you look at other industries, you’ll find that the people and companies who are viewed as authorities are generally those who have the most exposure.
Enhance Your Social Presence
Although Facebook’s IPO wasn’t the huge spectacle that some people were expecting, there’s no denying the fact that social media has completely changed the face of the Internet. If you look at the changes that search engines and other major sites have made over the last two years, all signs point towards social being a signal that’s here to stay. Since social is a key part of the overall online presence of your business, you want it to be as strong as possible. What’s great about guest blogging is not only does it give you an opportunity to promote your blog, but it allows you to do the same for your Facebook and/or Twitter presence.
Bring in Traffic That’s Actually Targeted
When it comes to website traffic, a lot of businesses get stuck in the mindset of “more, more, more!” In reality, quality is far more important than quantity. If you want the type of targeted traffic that can actually provide leads and customers, guest blogging will get you much farther than most other avenues.
Jeff Adcock is the president of Veritrans Merchant Services which is a credit card processing and merchant account services company located in Houston TX. Click here to learn more.