5 Reasons To Buy 2018 GMC Terrain

5 Reasons To Buy 2018 GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain as a brand was first launched in 2010 that has expanded the popularity of the category of compact crossover SUV with its new combination of good handling and an unexpectedly good mileage of an SUV with all the comfort and utility features pulled together. It stood out in the class because of its posh interior, excellent space for seating offering better alternatives for engine options.

1. The Power: 

As described by the GMC dealer San Diego, GMC Terrain in its 2018 models got a new, nine-speed automatic transmission that is highly responsive. With its quick response it can switch down with ease during the moments of acceleration. It comes with manual shift options to gain more hands-on control. The only drawback is the turbodiesel that needs to adjust with an older six-speed as of now, which one can expect to be changed in the near future.

2. The Style: 

The exterior came with a stunning redesign for the 2018 Terrain that has proved to be one of the strongest reasons behind its craze. The new trimmed down look with the unique style has thrown a tough competition to its rivals. The best part of the style is the synchronicity of the new exterior its grand interior.

The 2018 Terrain brought with it a matching interior that definitely highlights the supreme quality that the model has finally achieved this year. With an upscale material, it could create an ambiance that utters a bold statement of the aesthetic sense. Thanks to the elegant woodgrain placed with the brushed metal accented parts. The quality of the built scores high too, leaving no place for mediocrity.

3. The Roominess:

 The 2018 GMC Terrain got both of its front and second-row seating placed with ample space focusing on the comfort of the passengers. It has thought about the tall backseat passengers who should find it comfortable enough to be seated and can stretch as much as they need without infringing the space of other passengers. The comfort increases with the headroom allotted for both the rows and all that makes the model inviting and accommodating.

4. Advanced Infotainment with Intellilink: 

General Motors, over the past few years, has gradually developed good infotainment systems, which is now being known as the IntelliLink system one can find in every latest model of the 2018 GMC Terrain. With its wide and large touchscreen controls and large icons, it makes the operations easy even for a novice. The simple menu and features go at per with the latest technology standards

5. Fuel Efficiency: 

The turbocharged four-cylinder engines in the 2018 GMC Terrain can easily reach the top of the ladder in fuel economy as compared to other cars in the class. As shared by the GMC dealership San Diego, while it can run 28 mpg in the city, it can cross 39 mpg on highways and 32 mpg in a combined drive with its front-wheel drive and leaves behind even a few hybrid models when it comes to fuel efficiency.

The Verdict

Terrain is a fun to drive car from the General Motors, and it is still one of the best in class model with many more reasons than the above to get enlisted in your shortlisted models.

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