5 Reasons Why Diabetics Should Play Golf

Diabetes is a body condition that requires many adjustments in lifestyle. The main areas one has to change are the kind of food they eat and the activities they engage in. You have to keep away from high calorie foods and sugars. You can no longer get involved in strenuous activities as you risk getting sick.

It seems to be a dull kind of life but this is not the case. There are many ways as a diabetic you can engage in purposeful activity without placing danger on your body.

Golf is one of the sporting solutions for a diabetic. Golf is almost the perfect sport for you because it is a low impact sports. It lacks the intensity that would upset your system yet you still get to enjoy all the benefits that go along with a sport.  To understand how golf helps you manage diabetes, you need to know what happens in your body during exercise or an intensive activity.

The effects of exercise on your blood sugar
What enables you to run, walk, lay, swing a bat, and lift weights is the strength of your muscles.

During any form of exercise, your muscles are exerted more than they would be if you were sitting down and hence they require more energy. Energy to the muscles is provided in the form of blood sugar and the body responds accordingly. For a diabetic this release of bold sugar can lead to two conditions: Hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

The first occurs when your body has no glucose to give, as demanded by the muscles. This occurs if you have just taken insulin then you get into exercise. The insulin in your body is at higher levels and blood sugar at a low.

Hyperglycemia on the other hand is high blood sugar and occurs when there is too much glucose in your blood. On the demand, your body releases the sugar, but if the insulin levels are too low to use up the glucose, it remains in your blood. Your body may respond by burning fat to get the required energy and the by-product is ketones, which may cause you to get very sick.

Can you still play a sport?
The first thing is consult your doctor to advice you in what changes to make to accommodate the new sport in your program. Under their guidance, you can play comfortably as any other person would.

How does playing golf help?
As stated, golf is less intensive; meaning the demand on your body by your muscles is reduced. This lowers your chances of getting sick when playing it. This however does not affirm that it is a lazy sport. On the contrary it offer the same exercise but at controlled levels.  The ease of golf makes it luxurious and beneficial for you.

How can you benefit?
Golfing gives you physical, emotional and mental benefits, all which are essential to help you live a fun and risk free diabetic life.

  • The cardio exercise offered when playing golf especially if you add walking to the experience helps to keep heart attacks and other related diseases away. It greatly reduces their chance of occurrence. The same applies to some kinds of cancer. Each stroll and ball in the hole keeps your heart strong and healthy.
  • One characteristic of diabetes is feeling weak, often caused by the fluctuating sugar levels in the blood. The ease of golf enables you to keep steady energy levels. Make golf a regular activity and your body will adjust accordingly, making you energized for longer periods.  It also helps the insulin to do its work better stabilizing the sugar level in the blood.
  • The risks of diabetes related illnesses are increased when you gain weight. Golf keeps your weight in check, given the calories you burn in each session. It is a fun way to lose weight.
  • The game allows you to enhance your concentration, your leadership skills, patience and balance. You may even gain a business partner and become business role models.

  • Nothing uplifts your mood and keeps your emotions in check like a good game of golf amongst friends. You socialize with your friends, enjoy the winning moments and take the losses like a winner.

If you have never played golf before look for a good resort or golf club. Get an instructor and get playing. If you are a player, make a schedule of it, and keep your doctor informed. They too will be amazed at your glowing health report.

Chad is an ardent believer that diabetes does not limit one enjoying life. He is happy if any diabetic individual wants to join his gold sessions at PGA Village and will gladly show them the ropes to playing golf!