5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Be Valuable For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Be Valuable For Your Business

Many people consider email marketing to be outdated, yet in reality it is a fantastic tool for businesses to utilise. The best thing about email marketing is that it is relatively simple to get right. There is plenty of advice available to support you in creating great email marketing campaigns, however we are here to tell you how great email marketing is and the benefits it can have for your business! 

When rethinking your digital marketing strategy, you should seriously consider email marketing. Here are five different reasons why email marketing can be valuable for your business! 

Easy To Target Specific Audiences

One of the best things about email marketing is that it is simple to target specific audiences. This is sometimes referred to as ‘email marketing segmentation’, meaning you can split your email marketing list into different audiences to make sure the content you are sending is tailored to the interests and buying habits of specific demographics. 

For example, if you know your audience aged 18-30 are particularly interested in your range of streetwear, whereas your audience aged 40-55 are more interested in your sportswear, then you could create two different emails containing different information and offers to make sure every audience member is receiving information that they will find useful. 

Your audience will feel like you are being considerate of their interests, making them more likely to make a purchase or enquiry in many cases!

Extremely Cost Effective

Considering the potential reach with email marketing, it is an extremely effective marketing method. It can be as inexpensive as you need it to be depending on your budget, as you could have someone in-house complete a short course to understand the basics and create the emails themselves. 

For larger budgets, you could use an external company who specialise in email marketing, and you could work with a branding agency Manchester or London based to have the best talent in the country make sure that your brand shines through the email. 

Aside from the actual cost of creating the emails, as you can segment your audiences, you are creating a much more focused campaign, as opposed to organic social media posts which need to appease a huge audience rather than a more niche one. Both the cost of creating the emails and actually getting the message out to your audience is much cheaper than other methods of digital marketing.

Simple Way To Build Brand Trust

Email marketing is a really simple method to help build brand trust. If you create easy to use, valuable and interesting emails that are on brand, then customers will trust the company more and more over time. You will benefit by bringing traffic to your website and the customer will benefit from the targeted and relevant information you are sending them. 

The key to building trust is to make sure you don’t overload users with emails. When you are sending too many emails, it is likely to become frustrating for customers and they might begin to see the brand as too sales focused. Instead, restrict the emails to one every two weeks and make sure you provide real value. 

This might be a fantastic discount code for a new collection you know that the audience will like, or a great lookbook for some fashion inspiration for the upcoming season. When creating emails, ask yourself whether it is providing real value to your customers, and that will be a good indication of whether it is going to help to build trust for your brand. 

You Can Easily Collect Feedback

Another method to build trust is by starting conversations with your customers and sending out emails asking for feedback about your company. You could send out an email saying how much you value the opinion of your customers and that you want to make the company better for them. 

You could send an email containing a link to a survey, asking a range of questions about particular areas you want feedback on. In the email, you could offer an incentive if the customers completes the survey, such as discount codes or free delivery. This is a fantastic way to get feedback from engaged and focused customers, rather than a broader demographic that might not provide information that is as useful. 

Easily Measurable Results

Email marketing offers easily measurable results, meaning it is simple to see what is working well and what needs to be changed. Closely measuring results will help to improve your return on investment for the campaigns and there are a few different metrics you can use to calculate how well the campaign is working. 

The first metric you should look at is the open rate of your emails. This is the percentage of users who actually opened the email you sent them. If you have a very low open rate (less than 15%), then you need to make a few changes. It is likely that your subject line isn’t enticing your audience, so you need to provide something that will make them want to click and open. 

Next is your click through rate. This refers to how many people open your email and then click through using a link to reach your website. A good click through rate is around 3%, so if you aren’t hitting this, you need to reconsider your content and whether you are targeting audiences correctly. 

Conversion rate is another important metric, which is the percentage of users who open the email, click through to your website and then go on to complete a conversion. This might be making a purchase or enquiring about your services, for example. The conversion rate will differ quite dramatically based on the price of products and the nature of your services, so this percentage would depend on your business. 

Finally, you can track the unsubscribe rate. A good unsubscribe rate would be around 0.5%, and anything higher means that users aren’t loving the content or you are sending too many emails. Anything much higher than 1% suggests that some work needs doing! 

Final Thoughts

Overall, email marketing can be a fantastic option for many different businesses. As it is so cost effective, it can be used alongside other elements of your digital marketing campaign without needing a significant monetary investment. Although it might take some time to get right, it will definitely be worth it for your business in the long run!

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