5 Reasons Why Spain Offers The Cheapest Holidays

The summer has been a washout and the long dark days are drawing in along with the bitterly cold weather. So surely it’s time to brighten up your days by planning next year’s summer holiday? Why spend another wet and windy weekend in Wales when you can be soaking up the sun and sipping sangrias on the sand for less money than a UK holiday?

Everybody is tightening their belts but a cheap holiday to Spain is more than achievable as our top five reasons to holiday in Spain illustrate:

1. Lower Costs than any other European holiday.
Spain has always featured highly on the Post Office’s Travel Money survey to find the cheapest European destination and now the Daily Mail revealed this year that Spanish resort prices have dropped around 40% in the past five years. The reason is the rising pound against the falling euro which means that tourists can get a whole lot more for their money.

2. Holiday companies have been under pressure to keep prices down.
This is to try and attract foreign visitors to Spanish shores, which means there are plenty of bargain holidays in Spain to be found! Ever since the euro nose dived, the Spanish have been desperate to attract more tourists to boost their failing economy. So not only will you benefit from a cheap holiday in Spain but you’ll also be helping the Spanish economy – how’s that for some feel good factor.

3. Cheap flights to Spain.
If you start to look around now you can find some early bird discounts on flights and package holidays to Spain. Most of the main budget airlines fly to Spain; just be wary of the often extortionate charges for luggage, booking fees etc. Package holidays can usually offer a much better deal with everything included, especially all-inclusive holidays where you can save a fortune on food and drink.

4. Visit the Canary Islands.
These islands have proved time and again to offer excellent value for money and are the budget holiday-makers dream come true. There is something for everyone here and the Canaries offer excellent value for some winter sun. Ryanair will soon be offering more low-cost flights to the Canary Islands and as the government are to encourage tourists with incentives such as low airport charges, the Canaries will soon be more popular than ever.

5. Best deals for families.
Spain has always proved an irresistible lure to families looking for cheap holidays in the sun. As a quick comparison, a 5 star holiday resort in Cornwall for a family of 4 may set the average family back over £2,000 if booked in advance. Whereas a 5 star top family resort in Tenerife on a half board basis, for a family of 4 in August was under £1,000. So Spain really does offer the best deals on family holidays!

The best way to discover those cheap holidays to Spain is to use a reputable comparison website which will allow you to filter your choices so that your cheap Spanish holiday is also the one which caters for everyone, making it the perfect antidote to the British washout summer.

Written by DealChecker – The fastest way to compare holiday prices.