5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Beef Jerky

While you should never need an excuse to eat beef jerky (other than its undeniable deliciousness) there are a number of great health benefits for enjoying this tasty snack food. Not only are you doing your tastebuds a favour, but you’ll also be assisting your body in maintain good health. It’s often difficult to find a healthy snack food, when supermarket aisles are filled with conveniently packaged potato chips and chocolate bars, high in sugar, salt and fats. Not only is jerky good for you, but this non-perishable snack is also very convenient. Read on to find out more benefits of why you should start eating beef jerky today!


Beef Jerky has a flavour like no other food in the world. While you may see similar ingredients in other foods and recipes, the drying process of creating jerky makes the flavour incredibly unique. Rich with a marinated flavour, the tastes are acquired by slowly cooking the meat cuts, followed by quickly drying the meat, while it is being smoked with various spices.

High in Protein

A diet high in protein can assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight range. While some people use protein to assist in muscle development, protein is also very filling, meaning you won’t be tempted to snack, unnecessarily, on unhealthy options, which is a common cause of weight gain. While protein rich foods, such as freshly cooked meat, can often be inconvenient, the non-perishable nature of beef jerky allows you to always have a healthy snack on hand.


To put it simply, beef jerky is the perfect snack. Health benefits aside, beef jerky is incredibly convenient, requiring no refrigeration and taking up very little room. If you’re headed on a road trip, a hike or a family camping getaway, be sure to pack some beef jerky for the perfect hunger satisfying snack.

Low in Fat

Finding a snack food that is low in fat can often be difficult. Most potato chip varieties, chocolate and even many muesli bars contain high level of fat, making them an unhealthy option. Beef jerky maintains its rich flavour, without the extra added nasties, providing consumers with a treat that is low in fat and carbohydrates. Low fat snacks do not encourage the body to produce insulin, meaning you won’t be unnecessarily storing fat. If you want to maintain a healthy diet and healthy weight range, beef jerky is the perfect snack between meals.


While many beef jerky lovers can’t get enough of the traditional jerky flavours, there are a number of options available for broadening your tastes. For something a little different, try a spicy variety or one that’s extra Smokey. Not only will you be amazed by the different flavours, but now you’ll never get over enjoying a great, healthy snack alternative.
Chad is a Sports Writer who has been making his own beef jerky for the past 15 years. He has perfected his recipe and is often told that he should mass produce his product. Away from work and jerky, Chad likes to spend time with his family and watch movies.