5 Reasons Your Budget Makes You Sexy

We live in times where it has become increasingly more mainstream and accepted, even cool, to save a little money whenever possible. Good personal finances are sexy. There is definitely a new trend one might call frugal chic, where couponing is the newest craze and thrift shopping and upscaling have taken on a new level of popularity. Following this trend, budgeting and budgeting software and apps have also been increasing in popularity lately. Here are just a few simple reasons why using those programs and creating a really tight budget can give your sex appeal a cheap little boost.

You Have a Good Head on Your Shoulders

Mention the word “budget,” and instantly, members of the opposite sex will be able to tell one thing about you, clearly you have a good head on your shoulders. This is a great thing for potential partners to know. If you have a budget, you are mature and you take yourself seriously. When potential mates have this kind of information about someone, they either run, because they are not as mature and therefore are intimidated…OR, they grow increasingly attracted to you based on your sensible and grown up approach to life.

You Care About Your Future

Having a budget shows that you care about your future, if you are someone who spends your money down to the last dollar on a whim, you are not someone who gives off the impression of caring much about the financial woes actions like that may bring tomorrow. Usually the older we get as people; the more we are looking for relationships that involve commitment, not only commitment to one another, but to a future together. Any indication early on that someone plans for the future and has thought of the life that will one day be, is sexy, and makes the person that much more attractive. You don’t want to fall in love with someone that has no plan or thought of tomorrow, you don’t have to have a plan of exactly what you are doing, just know you will be doing something.

You Value Security

I don’t think that I have ever met one person who would tell me that the idea of a secure life with their partner was not a turn on. When you have a budget it shows that you are a person that when it comes to finances, you think with your head and make plans. When others are considering the qualities that they desire in a mate, usually a sense of security is high on the list. Having someone who makes decisions because they are smart and make sense and are good based on the overall picture is important, those that make decisions that are truly only right in the moment may be fun in that instant but overall do not offer that security we are looking for. Showing that you are a planner is a great way to plant the seed that you are a provider and offer that security that deep down we are all looking for.

You Are Someone Who Weighs the Consequences

When you budget, you show that you are smart and you think about the outcome of things before you do them. It is sexy to know that you are someone who values the outcome of situations. Spending frivolously on items now, means you won’t be able to pay for the big things, whatever they may be, later. This understanding is not just attractive when it comes to finances, it is great to know that the one you love is sensible, has self control, and can show restraint when faced with temptation. All of these qualities transfer into many other facets of life.

You Will Have a Happy Stable Life

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make it come a little easier. When your finances are a mess and there is not enough cash flow to take care of the necessary expenses, there is a great deal of added stress. Someone who has a financial plan is that much more attractive because they offer a key or a glimpse into a life with a little bit more stability and a little less stress, which in turn might mean a few more smiles and overall increased happiness. Of course when you are dreaming of your life with your partner, you want to envision it as stress free and happy as possible. Just uttering the word budget makes you daydream worthy, whether you are male or female.

George Gallagher spends his summers helping new students figure out how to pay for school, often using student loans once financial aid runs out. When not working with students he contributes interesting articles to a handful of fun blogs.