5 Safety Tips For Home Improvements

Home improvements can be a lot of fun and often save you a great deal of money. While there are many benefits to DIY jobs around the house, you must also show caution when dealing with most household renovations. Builders and other professionals are equipped with the right tools and safety equipment and it is just as important for you to do all that you can to stay safe when endeavouring to fix things around the house.

Use Ladders Safely

It may be easy enough to simply lean your ladder against a wall and start climbing, because you’ve done it hundreds of time before. However, you should NEVER climb an unsecured ladder, under any circumstances. A fall from a ladder, no matter what the height, can result in serious injury, or even death. There are simple measures that you can take to ensure that your ladder is as safe as possible, including locking brackets into place, having a firm grip with both hands when ascending and descending, never standing on the bucket shelf and never overreaching, as this could leave you off-balance.

Beware of Asbestos

If you are renovating an older home, always check for asbestos before commencing any home improvements. While asbestos was used in millions of establishments all around the world, it was later found to be highly toxic and has since been banned in the building of homes.

Leave Electricity to the Experts

You might be handy around the house, with a number of different jobs, but fixing electric problems is one thing that should be left to the experts. Electricity is a great invention that often helps us with our everyday lives, but it can also be very dangerous and cause electrocution, leading to death. While you may have seen house builders and electricians make this look easy, it is best left to the people who know what they’re doing.

Show Precaution when dealing with Gas

Many household appliances run on gas, and while the initial problem may be easily fixed, you may leave yourself open to gas leaks. The end result of gas leaking into your home is often carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause serious health issues. When attending to home improvements that involve a gas line, always proceed with extreme caution.

Always use Safety Equipment

If you are endeavouring to do roofing repairs or other such potentially dangerous activities, always use the right safety equipment. While fixing your roof may not be a difficult task, climbing on and off the roof can be highly dangerous if the proper safety equipment is not used. Not only does getting to the roof propose certain difficulties, but also the fact that you need to safely get your tools and equipment to an elevated level also. If you do not have the right safety gear at home, it’s often wise to employ the services of a professional.

John is a Builder for Coral Homes in Queensland, Australie. He says that personal safety is critical on a building site and it should be no different with do-it-yourself home improvements. Away from work, John like to watch live sports and spend time with his family.