5 Scenarios in Which your Car Insurance Claim may be Rejected

Car insurance is both a legal and a social obligation. Your insurance policy can come to your aid when you meet with an accident and your car is damaged. It can also protect you financially in case of death injury. Insurance policies provides protection to both policy holder and third parties affected by road accidents and other calamities, so it’s important for everyone to be covered. However, if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations of your insurance provider under different situations, your claim might be rejected. Here are the scenarios in which insurance companies can reject your insurance claim.

  1. If you fail to inform the insurance company quickly

Car insurance companies in India require you to inform them of your intention to file a claim at the earliest. You must reach out to your insurance provider the moment your car is damaged or stolen. You may even inform your insurance agent who can relay the message to the insurance company. If you are in an accident and are badly injured, you typically have 24-48 hours to inform your insurance provider. Failure to inform the insurance company within the designated time frame could result in your claim being rejected.

  1. If you don’t fill the form correctly

In order to ensure that your claim is honoured, you must complete the claim filing procedure as mentioned in the policy document. You must fill the insurance claim form properly to ensure that you do not miss any big or small details. Typically, you just have to mention things like your car policy number and reason for filing the claim – accident, damage, loss of vehicle and so on. An incomplete form results in claim rejection.

  1. If you fail to provide the necessary documents

Accurate documentation is a very important aspect of the claim filing procedure. You must submit all the documents mentioned in the claim form – from the FIR to photographic evidence (in case of accident or vehicle damage). You may be asked to submit the original car insurance policy document, along with other miscellaneous documents, which you must comply with.

  1. If you have flouted traffic laws

In order to be eligible for a claim to be processed, you must ensure that you follow all the traffic laws. For instance, your claim may be rejected if you are in an accident and found not to be wearing the seatbelt, flouted traffic signals or was driving on the wrong side of the road. Claims are not at all entertained if the policy holder is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your claim may be rejected under these circumstances.

  1. If your policy has lapsed or expired

To be able to file an insurance claim, you must have a valid insurance policy at all times. If you file a claim even after a single day of your policy lapsing, it will not be entertained by the insurance company at all. Timely car insurance renewal is incredibly crucial. In fact, you must begin the renewal procedure at least 45 days before your policy expires to get continued coverage. Most companies offer car insurance renewal online, so it doesn’t take much effort to get your policy renewed!

Today you can easily purchase car insurance online. Just visit the website of your preferred insurance company, attach scanned copies of documents and purchase the policy by paying the premium online. Ensure you read the policy agreement document, check the coverage provided and understand the claim filing procedure before filing one.