5 Scents That Capture The Essence Of Autumn

Summer is drawing to an end, and you may feel those breezy, sweet, citrusy notes need replacing with something deeper and warmer. Fragrance designers have added more depth by introducing woodier notes, the classic floral notes toned down and more subtle. Here are five leading brands that offer the perfect compliment to the prettiest season.

1.Calvin Klein – Truth
Truth is a natural fragrance, contrasting notes of cool, fresh grass with the warmth of a woman’s skin. The main notes are bamboo, white amber, wet woods, vanilla, and sandalwood. It was launched in 2000 and has been a great hit every year. Although the scent is quite strong when it first leaves the bottle, once it’s settled on the skin it’s subtler.

2.Carolina Herrera – 212 Sexy
Sexy is an extension to the hugely popular 212 ranges, contained in a similar bottle to the original but has a lilac theme. It was launched in the UK in November 2004 and has seen the range grow since. The top notes consist of tangerine and bergamot, whilst the middle and base notes give its depth with cotton candy, vanilla and musk.

3.Elizabeth Arden – Provocative
Catherine Zeta-Jones’ seductive walk and stunning looks were an inspiration to creators of this new, exotic fragrance from Elizabeth Arden. Provocative’s top notes include quince, water lotus, and ginger lily, whilst deep in its heart, notes of midnight orchid, papaya blossom and pink freesia follow. Its depth comes from notes of white sand, Hinoki wood and red amber.

4.Prada – Infusion D’Iris
Infusion D’Iris is Prada’s latest scent for women. Its feminine, fresh and intimate feel comes from a blend of woody base notes, citrusy top notes of orange, blossom and mandarin, finished with heart notes of iris pallida from Florence – a perfect scent for the Autumn months.

5.Paco Rabanne – Ultraviolet
Paco Rabanne’s woman’s Ultraviolet is a fresh, floral perfume with bergamot, sage, blackberry, jasmine, lily and amber. Deep base notes of patchouli, vanilla and woods give it an exotic smooth finish, complementing the natural energy and vitality of the modern woman. Its mystical scent is said to develop on the skin like the warmth from the sun’s rays.

If these have whetted your appetite and you want to seek the perfect autumn bargain perfume, hit the high street and Internet before autumn is finally here.

James is a Designer/Writer based in London.