5 Simple Steps To A Gluten Free Event

If you have a guest attending your next part that is on a gluten free diet, don’t fret. Gluten allergies are common and can be easily accommodated. Just follow these 5 simple steps to make the party enjoyable and safe for them and the rest of your guests.

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Prevent Cross Contaimination

Do not cross contaminate the food. This is the most important step. Without this step none of the following steps are effective. When preparing the food it is important that you do not cross contaminate bowls, dishes, or utensils. This can lead to gluten accidently spreading to all the food and can prove to be a health danger. You can color coat dishes and utensils using colored scotch tape or plain tape with a label written on it. This way you will know what utensils to use for what food.

Let Gluten Free Guests Eat First

Let those guests who are gluten free eat first. I know it sounds simple but letting the gluten free guests eat first will ensure that no one has accidently contaminated any of the gluten free food. This is a proactive step you can take to limit the possibility of your gluten free guests coming into contact with gluten.

Ask Gluten Free Guests for a Recipe They Like

Ask your gluten free guests for the recipe to a dish that they enjoy. This will ensure that there will be a gluten free dish that they enjoy eating regardless of the other dishes. Better yet, if they’re willing, allow them to make the dish at home and bring it themselves, potluck style.

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Remind All Guests of Gluten Alergies

Remind your other guests of the gluten allergy and how to avoid gluten contamination. Making sure that all guests are aware that one of the guests has a gluten allergy is an important safety precaution. Though they may need some reminding, making sure that they know of and understand the ramifications of the allergy can be useful in preventing any contamination and keeping all the guests safe.

Have a Gluten Free Table

Place any and all gluten free food at a distance to the other dishes. This will help prevent the cross contamination of the food by utensils or spills. For example, providing two tables, one for gluten free food and the other for regular food, is a great way to prevent any mix-up.

The next time you have a gluten free guest coming to your event there is no need to worry. By following these 5 simple steps you can greatly reduce the risk of gluten contamination while providing tasty food and an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

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