5 Simple Ways To A Brighter Home

One of the most depressing problems in any home is when there is a lack of light in it. This can make the whole place look unappealing and uninviting. If this is a problem in your property then you might be surprised to see just how easily you can solve it.

Add More Lighting
If the house is too dark then add more lights – simple really. In most cases an improvement in the ceiling lights can go a long way towards making the whole house look a lot brighter and a good deal more appealing. In rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom clever use of spotlights and downlights can give you the effect you are after.

Fit More Windows
In some houses the problem is that not enough light gets into it in the first place. This is usually due to there not being enough windows, although it could also be that the windows are simply in the wrong positions. Adding some new double glazing windows might seem like a huge job but it can make a big difference to the house in the future. Another idea is to change your external doors to patio doors or French doors.

Change the Curtains
An even easier change to make is that of replacing the curtains. Have you been blocking the light by using thick curtains? There are plenty of different models out there which will protect your privacy while allowing rays of sunlight to get in.

Paint the Walls
Having a lighter colour on the walls is another way of making sure that the property looks a bit brighter. Clearly it won’t make as big a difference as the previous points but it could help you. This is especially important in the smaller rooms of the house and you might be left pleasantly surprised at how much more inviting the place looks after you have changed the colour scheme.

Add More Mirrors
Mirrors are great at making rooms look lighter and more spacious. Before you hang any on the wall you should try holding them up in a few different parts of the house to see where they make the most impact. If you use these as the finishing touch after carrying out one or more of the other ideas on the list then you should end up with a classy look which brings a lot more light into the property.

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