5 Smart Tips to Get Cheap Flight Tickets in 2017

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Is travelling your New Year resolution for 2017?

Before you book your tickets, you should make sure that you’re getting the best price. There are many ways to get cheaper flight tickets if you’re willing to take the time to explore all your options.

By using online booking sites, booking on specific days, and taking other steps, you’ll be able to get the best deal. When you save money on your airline tickets, you’ll have more to spend on the rest of your vacation.

So, don’t book your flight right away. Take a moment to look over these 5 smart tips to get cheap flight tickets in 2017.

#1 – Choose the Right Time to Travel: If you have the option to choose your travel date, then choose the right time to travel. There are certain times of the year, days of the weeks, and times of the day that you’re more likely to get better prices.

For example, if you travel during a slow season, you’ll find airlines offering lower prices on their flights. These prices increase during peak travel seasons, such as Christmas and other holidays. So, your first tip is to avoid traveling during these busy times.

The day of the week can also play a role in the final cost of your flight tickets. Most people want to leave on a Friday so that they have the entire weekend for their trip. It’s common to start your vacation at the end of the work week, which leads to more demand for flight tickets and higher prices.

You should try to travel during the middle of the week. Fewer people want to leave home on a Monday or Tuesday. If you’re willing to plan your vacation in the middle of the week, then this is a simple solution to help you save money.

The time of the day should also be considered. As with the day of the week, people tend to prefer similar departure times.

They like to travel in the morning or early afternoon. So, book your flight for very early in the morning. A 5 AM flight is likely to cost less than a 9 AM flight.

#2 – Book Your Tickets at the Right Time 

Along with the actual date of your trip, you need to pay attention to the time that you book your tickets. There are two approaches that you can take to choosing the right time to book the tickets – you can either book a couple months in advance or wait until the last minute.

If you plan in advance, you have more time to compare prices and find the lowest price. Also, there’s less demand for tickets several months in advance. Price tend to peak at around 30-days before the date of the flight. Booking earlier could get you a better deal.

You could also wait until the last minute. The disadvantage of this method is that you might not get the flight that you want.

But, you often find discounted and cheap tickets if you book the day of or the day before the flight. The airlines need to fill the seats, so they’ll drop the prices just before the departure date.

#3 – Look for Indirect Flights to Your Destination 

If your biggest concern is price, then you might do better by looking for indirect flights. A stop over at another airport will make the trip take longer, but the total price of the airline tickets tends to be lower.

So, if there’s a stop halfway to your destination, don’t let that stop you from booking a ticket. This could end up saving you a considerable amount of money.

#4 – Consider Flying from a Different Airport 

Just because one airport is closer than another doesn’t mean it’s your best option. Don’t forget to explore other airports. Most states have multiple airports. Even if you have an airport in the city where you live, you might find a better deal at a nearby airport.

Sometimes, the smaller airports provide lower prices, as they compete with the larger airports. An hour of driving time could slash the total cost of your airline tickets.

#5 – Set Travel Alerts Using an Online Booking Site 

Another advantage of using an online booking site is that some of them offer travel alerts. You can sign up and then receive emails when the site finds a lower price for your airline tickets.

These alerts can also be set to keep an eye on different flights or ticket prices. If you choose to use these alerts, you should begin two to three months before your planned trip.

Put these tips to use. Before you book your next flight, try to get the best deal. You should first consider the time of your flight and the time that you book the flight. Also, don’t forget to look for indirect flights, consider other airports, and use online booking sites.

You now have a few ways to save money on your airline tickets. Good luck getting the best price and remember to have fun on your vacation or business trip!

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