5 Sports Made Better With A Helmet Camera

There are a number of sports that can be made all the better and more enjoyable from watching them afterwards. Fortunately, it’s possible to watch such events unfold in real time again and again, thanks to helmet cameras. These cameras simply sit on the top of the helmet and then film all the goings on and happenings.

One of the most commonly used areas for these cameras is the adventure and extreme sports arena. These fast paced and often dangerous sports can be greatly added to by the addition of a camera and there is nothing like watching back over them afterwards in the first person and reliving those adrenaline pumping experiences. So, what are the best sports to use helmet cameras?

Bungee Jumping

Wearing a helmet camera when you jump from a height of a couple of hundred feet in the air, all of which you are only attached to by a rubber rope – is something of a must. From the initial leap to the fall and the rebound at the end of the cord, it can be a great way to capture those moments that seem to last for minutes but are often only seconds. By wearing a helmet camera you can relive the excitement for ages to come and you friends can also tease you about your scream.


Like bungee jumping skydiving is also an ideal sport for the wearing of a helmet camera. However, it may initially be a more daunting experience, but isn’t just as extreme when you are doing it. Sure you are jumping from a height and only have a parachute to save you. However, unlike bungee jumping you don’t have a free fall towards the ground at a high speed with only a rubber rope and inches to spare. This means it is often an adrenaline pumping experience but you spend the last few hundred metres gliding on a parachute. A head helmet camera can allow you to relive an extreme and often beautiful experience.

Mountain Biking

The mountain biking community have been using head and helmet cameras for a long time now. They really capture every bump, leap and little bit of excitement that the whole sport creates and can really be a great video to watch afterwards. From leaping off the side of high up items to just flying down uncertain roads at pace, the helmet camera and mountain biking can be a really great mixture.


Underwater diving is a great experience by itself and can really produce some life long memories that really thrill. Having a water proof helmet camera on when doing so can be a really great experience and also make for some very exciting viewing. Diving underwater is a colourful and also an exciting experience that thrills and can be recollected for a long period afterwards.
Whichever sport you are involved in a helmet camera can make the whole procedure all the more engaging and enjoyable.

  • Image courtesy of Teosaurio

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