5 Techniques Supermarkets Use To Sell More Stuff

Food is one of life’s key necessities and the majority of people that purchase food for their home will do so in a supermarket. While it may seem that supermarkets are simply providing a service that allows you to buy food, supermarkets are actually doing their best to ensure you buy more food and products than you need.  Supermarkets use five key strategies to get you to buy more stuff.

The first thing that supermarkets do to sell more stuff is offer coupons to customers.  Almost all supermarkets have some form of membership coupon club where a customer can save money off of a number of different products.  Supermarkets always will change the products with coupons in an attempt to encourage people to buy products that would not otherwise be in demand.  This will then lead to increased overall sales.
Bulk Discounts
Most supermarkets also try to sell more stuff by offering bulk discounts.  Almost all products that you will purchase at a store will be most expensive if you purchase just one.  However, if you are willing to purchase a multi-pack of some product, you will normally receive a discount on a per-item basis.  Normally, the larger the quantity that you purchase, the more significant of a discount you will ultimately receive.
Display Strategy
Another key strategy that is used is strategic display and organization of products. Supermarkets spend a lot of time organizing where their products are displayed in the store.  Stores try to organize products that tend to fit together, which will likely encourage someone to buy an ancillary product that they may not otherwise need.  For example, people that are buying peanut butter will normally find that jelly and bread is displayed nearby.
Product Placement
Stores also get people to buy more stuff by forcing people to walk by products that they may not otherwise need.  Stores tend to keep staples and necessities, such as milk and eggs, in the back of the store.  This will then require people to walk by hundreds of other products that they don’t need before reaching the products they do need.  Simply seeing the products displayed will drastically increase the chance that someone will purchase an unnecessary product.
Using promotions is the fifth way that a grocer will get people to buy more stuff.  Grocery stores will frequently have promotions where vendors come in to promote their newest products.  These normally include a lively and fun atmosphere, along with free samples, which can encourage people to purchase the newest products.
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