5 Terrible Car Modifications

There are a lot of excellent car modifications out there, which enhance the value of a vehicle by refitting engines, adding spoilers, and altering rims. Some car modifications even represent works of art in their own right, and are sold as such. Other people pursue more outlandish modifications through television shows like Pimp My Ride. However, for every artfully achieved modification, there are probably just as many terrible ones that are simply inexplicable.

These modifications can range from cheap alterations, through to bizarre concepts that you can’t really understand people wanting to drive around in. Some of the worst of these modifications are ones that stretch the boundaries of both poor taste and practicality. Bringing them together does show, however bizarre the idea might be someone has probably thought it seemed like a good idea. These ideas include, in no particular order of shameful achievement:

1 – Pig Mobile

Anything called a ‘Pig Mobile’ is asking for trouble. This modification, which has done the rounds on many Internet sites over the years, is a cautionary tale for anyone who has had a funny idea, and then taken it through to an extreme. Hot pink in colour, the car features a front grille that has modified to resemble a pink snout. The car also includes side wings that look something like pig ears. Altogether bizarre, the ‘Pig Mobile’ has surely turned many heads, although probably for the wrong reasons.

2 – Wood Panelling Car

Wood panelling can look tasteful within a car, right? Well, maybe in small doses, but certainly not to the extent that it covers the entire car. This modification is terrible purely for its impracticality. A wooden car is probably not going to hold up too well in the rain, although it may help a car to float. Covering an entire car in wooden panels isn’t always a bad idea though, with some managing to add wooden details within going for an all over look.

3 – Huge Rims

Some people just like to have the biggest wheels they can, even if this means sacrificing common sense. Some of the biggest rims that have been seen on modified cars stretch up to 100 inches, resulting in cars that look more like poorly conceived children’s drawings than realistic models. Another idea that probably sounded amazing in someone’s head.

4 – Cardboard Tank Cars

About as inventive as creating a cardboard fort, albeit without the fun, the cardboard tank car has become something of an Internet legend. Covering a normal car with cardboard boxes shaped to look like a tank takes some effort, not to mention a lot of cardboard. Maybe not the most practical idea if you get caught in the rain, but good for short term novelty value.

5 – Game Controller Mods

For people that love their games a little too much. Some modifiers have fitted Xbox controllers to their wheels, not so much as an extra steering wheel, but as an extra feature. Others have decided to have a Nintendo console fitted into their engines, albeit again without any practical purpose other than occasional embarrassment.

  • Cardboard Tank Cars
  • Pig Mobile

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