5 Things Customers Want From Social Media

The social media craze is being part of almost everyone’s life now. From communications to recipes to income-generating businesses to inspiration down to everything else, social media networks must have a master plan to get all of the people come to internet most often. Looking back in those times where most homes are in front of the television, today, the general masses devote most of their time in front of the interest sharing new things, getting updates, and making money on different types of social networking sites. But how did the social media captured the hearts of billions of people worldwide immediately? And what do people really want from them?

If you haven’t gone to any of the social media sites before, then be warned and read this article first before you get yourself to a habitual trend. Below is a list of what customers want from social media.

Generate income

There are plenty of reasons why customers are deeply in love with the social media; and one major reason is its potential to become an income-generating tool. Persons who are awesome with online tools and are web savvy at the same time takes full advantage into what social media has in store for them to earn huge amount of income. There are social media consultants, business persons, business online communities, and more. If the social media has everything people needs, sure it has everything you can think of to earn money as well. And since social media can introduce a single person to millions of people worldwide daily, users can take advantage on building up a reputation where everyone can see.


Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have become a daily routine for millions of web surfer to connect with friends and family worldwide. The highlights of these sites are for people to keep in touch with their loved ones no matter where they are at any time. Share photos, share links, comment, get updates—these are only a few contributions of social media to keep us connected with someone who are continents apart from us. Just in Facebook which have over 500 million active users daily and on Pinterest that cumulates 20 million of unique users, it almost feels like there’s no stopping to these social media sites to grow in numbers and eventually become life itself of its users. Because social media recognizes the value of openness, the number of users will surely outgrow in the next coming months; no doubt about it.

Media and Entertainment

Of course, who would ever forget about media sharing sites like YouTube? Not only does it have the songs and videos which were released some hundreds of years ago, YouTube is also a key to other unknown artists to be seen by millions of users worldwide and eventually become a real deal celebrity. As of today, July 14, 2012, this media sharing site already has 120 million videos which are claimed by Content ID.

Get updates

Since social media sites usually cater sharing and commenting, users from all over the world are being updated instantaneously in just a click of button. New and old photos that tickle one’s heart and mind are being uploaded, and in return viewers can comment and share ideas till everyone get tired. Users also posts things that they do in the meantime or anything that struck in their mind.


Since everyone can see you on social media sites, simply by doing craze, candid, or good things, you can become an instant celebrity. Say for example CharicePempengco lost the fight in a local music competition but then was recognized in YouTube videos. After being seen being discovered in YouTube, the next thing that happened to her was an instant stardom. And observing the grounds and heights of other social media sites, a lot of people are doing just the same to achieve the same results.

Acting as digital inspiration, social media has the power to influence people in whatever aspects. May it be sports, celebrities, inspirational quotes, DIYs, tips, easy money-making businesses, lifestyle, food, decorations, music, movies, family, games, photograph, places, relationships, child care—social media covers it. Come to think of it, the social media covers life itself; and this might probably the reason why almost all people can relate to it. Age, race, gender, and position in the society do not matter in this craze either. Indeed, everyone who introduced to social media can take pleasure into it. Just make sure you don’t have other more important errands to deal with; because this trend is definitely addicting.

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