5 Things that Make a Good Shopfitter

By Robert Barlow

A good shopfitter is a valuable resource. There are a range of skills needed, a decorator, a project leader, a metalworker and carpenter and a range of other job descriptions all in one. Shopfitters may be one of those jobs you don’t think about until you need one, but you don’t want to be without one when the time comes. Here are 5 indicators that your new shopfitter is going to be right for the job.

Organisational Skills

A popular saying goes that there’s fast, cheap, and good and you can have at best two. A good organiser can get you as much value for all three as possible. A good shopfitter has to be able to consider materials and deliverables, budget, timeframe, other employees and everything else at least once a day. Inquire about these first and foremost, all the quality in the world isn’t going to help if they can’t keep their eyes on the details.

Craftsmanship Expertise

A shopfitter has to have at least some experience and expertise in design joinery and metal work. Joinery has to be used to create bespoke furniture, shop display units and shop counters as well as fitting equipment in the shop. Metal work fulfils a similar function, for example specialist staircases or shelving within shops. Having someone with an eye for design in the job will also get you much closer to the layout you envisioned without expensive shop alterations later.

Security and Safety-Mindedness

You will need to dedicate some time and resources to security and everyone involved in the process needs to keep an eye on the security of your shop front. You will need to design your shop front in a way that will keep your products safe. If anyone compromises this there may be a problem. They also need to be able to consider tripping falling objects and how the floor plan will work with crowds or busy employees.

Ability to Plan Long Term

A shopfitter who can make your shopfront look incredible now is good, a shopfitter who can make your shopfront look incredible years from now is amazing. A lot of shopfitters will carry out maintenance works both internally and exterior to the shop. A shopfitter who can plan out the need to maintain in the future and make it easier for your maintenance team or you on your own to deal with all maintenance concerns.

Extensive Knowledge of Signage and Fittings

This should probably be self-evident but a shopfitter needs to be able to fit any shop fittings you have. They must also be able to purchase them for you. They must also be able to handle and have a knowledge of effective signage and display. Together these will be what draws in any passing audience.

A shopfitter is a vital profession for anyone who owns or manages a store and a choosing this badly could lead to the failure of your business. Choose wisely.