5 Things That Will Making Your Camping Trip Physically and Mentally Relaxing

5 Things That Will Making Your Camping Trip Physically and Mentally Relaxing

Whether you prefer car camping, RV camping, or backpacking, there are plenty of ways to add a bit of glamor and comfort to the great outdoors. From small gadgets to larger amenities, bringing the right accessories can do everything from saving space to creating opportunities for gourmet meals. Here are five fun items to consider bringing on your next camping excursion:

A French Press

These portable coffee makers were all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s. Though less so today, they still make fantastic camping coffee makers. The plexiglass versions are light, easy to pack into a backpack and make fantastic coffee by the cup.

A Generator

Generators work as a portable electrical outlet. If you are tent camping in a location without a power outlet on hand, a portable generator is a fantastic option. It gives you the opportunity to bring blenders, coffee makers, and self-inflating air mattresses on your trip. The one drawback can be noise; follow these tips to help dampen the sound.

An Air Mattress

If your desire to camp is hampered by a bad back, you don’t need to wait until you can afford an RV to do something about it. There are a number of inflatable air mattresses that pack down to a small size and are self-inflating. Just plug it into a power source (a portable generator and even the lighter in your car may work) and set it to your desired level of inflation. Smaller air mattresses can double as both sleeping surfaces and water toys.

A Hiking/Trail Map App

If you’re a lover of online reviews, this is a great way to locate some of the most popular trails in the area. Get an idea of time, level of exertion, and even the unmarked gems that may be available. Best of all, so long as you have cell signal, you’ll know right where you are on the trail. This is perfect for anyone who finds themselves getting lost on a regular basis.

Clip-on Insect Repellent

Few people like the smell of bug spray; fewer still like the risk of itchy mosquito bites that can carry the risk of disease. Clip-on diffusers that come with scents like lemongrass and citronella can help to mask your scent. They come in options that are pleasant for people while being off-putting to insects. The range of these little diffusers is small; it’s recommended to have one for each person in your party. At night, you can probably get away with hanging a single diffuser in your tent.

A night (or more than one night) outdoors can be great for the psyche. While roughing it has some charm, adding a few items to increase the luxury of your experience is a great way to have the best of both worlds.