5 Things To Know About Colorado’s Amazing Backcountry Huts!

5 Things To Know About Colorado’s Amazing Backcountry Huts!

Visit to backcountry huts Colorado, it is a breath-taking experience and you will be bowled by the marvellous beauty, serenity of the place and amazing huts with all the basic amenities and comforts. If you wish to find solace away from hustles of city-life and wander among the high mountains in Colorado, plan an itinerary to Colorado Rocky Mountains. Check in at the non-profit 10th Mountain Division huts which has a network of 34 huts stretching along the 350 miles of alpine trails and routes. 10th Mountain Division huts name came into prominence since the US army were trained here in the 1940’s and these huts offer special veteran programmes. In summers, you can enjoy trekking and biking and in winters, you can indulge in skiing and snowshoeing and enjoy playing with snows.

If you are first timer to the Colorado Backcountry huts, you need to be keep yourself abreast ahead of the trip and plan your itinerary accordingly.

Advance Booking of Huts

Due to over popularity of the place, it is tough to acquire the accommodations in huts in short span of time.  You require advance planning especially if you are planning to visit during winters and holidays. One year advance booking will help you to procure the desired location. Option is there for online advance booking and it is always better to book in advance. The rates are reasonable for the reason that they are been managed by non-profit organisation but the payment is upfront upon advance booking of backcountry huts Colorado.

Huts are not Easily Accessible

Huts are located in the remote areas of Colorado backcountry so it is not easy-going to locate. No sign boards or names are displayed on way to avoid hooliganism and unwanted trespassers. The maps are available to verify the location of the huts or you can prepare yourself to be familiar by visiting hut websites.

Open All Around the Year

Huts are open throughout the year. In summers, people land with kids to take leverage of hiking and mountain biking and it is best season to catch up with the children as winters are intolerable for children. Peak season for the huts is the winters to enjoy skiing and shoe snowing. If you are there in winters, be careful to return to huts before getting dark, else it will pose difficulty to locate the remotely placed huts. Biting cold too can be intolerable for you.

Huts are Comfortable Cabins

Don’t guess huts by the name, they are comfortable cabins loaded with amenities and luxuries. There are two storied huts too and it is available in impressive sizes which can easily accommodate up to 16-20 person in huts. You require clothing and equipment as per the season. There are provision for lights through solar panels, generous wood supply for fire, cutlery and kitchen with propane burners, water source and composting toilets. Water processing is difficult in winters as you require to use snow melted water or fetch from nearby stream and care is to be taken to filter or boil water before use.

Comfortable Clothes & User Friendly Equipment

As per the season, carry comfortable clothes and footwear eligible for mountaineering, hiking, snowshoeing or motor biking.  Pack sweatpants, pullovers, caps, sleeping bag and equipment’s that you require for hut trip. You should familiarize yourself with the use and packing of equipment before starting the trip.


While planning a trip, familiarize yourself with the location of the Colorado backcountry using map and appoint a guide who can help you on your tour and sightseeing. Remember, you need to be fit health wise to withstand the rough climate of the place and can walk on steep hikes as there are locations where cars are not accessible. Pets are not allowed in these places to manage your pets before you step out for backcountry huts Colorado. Plan your errand and enjoy wonderful trip to Colorado with your group of friends and family.