5 Things To Know Before Considering A Motorcycle Lifestyle

As motorcycle enthusiasts have said, few things in their lives offer the thrill and joy of riding. Whether cruising the curves on the open road or driving around town, the freedom that a motorcycle provides is like no other. However, riding requires much sharper skills and awareness in order for it to be a safe and gratifying experience.

1. Motorcycle Selection

Choosing a bike involves knowing about some essential basics. For instance, the many types of motorcycles available can be dizzying. Nearly each machine can have a different purpose.

A standard bike like the Harley Davidson is probably one of the most legendary bikes ever to hit the road. Developed with the true rebel in mind, these bikes feature lower seat heights with a laid back riding position.

Sport bikes are more finely tuned and capable of higher speeds. Because of this, they are a more intense experience and are generally better for people with a few years of driving experience. Before choosing a motorcycle, perform a thorough test drive and ensure that you find the one that feels completely comfortable.

2. Training and Safety

First and foremost, driving a motorcycle is very different than driving other vehicles. Because of this, it is highly recommended that riders take lessons. Not only will this make the riding more pleasant, but more safe as well.

When riding, continually scan around the area. Know who is about to turn and react properly. Do not engage in reckless driving or take any chances. Leave at least a two second gap between your bike and vehicles in front of you.

Whether you ask a California patrol officer or a Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyer in North Carolina, you will hear, more often than not, motorcycle accidents occur due to some form of negligence. This can include everything from a driver not seeing the bike to a rider who is speeding or driving dangerously.

3. Legal Licensing

In the U.S., riding motorcycles legally require having an endorsement on the driver license. The process varies from state to state. Therefore, check with local Department of Motor Vehicles offices to determine what is necessary. More than likely, you will need to take a special written test to get a motorcycle permit. Permits allow for learning driving basics and logging in some hours of riding time before taking the final road test.

4. Protective Gear

Gear is often even more important than the bike itself, since it can literally save your life and the lives of others. Serious, sensible and responsible riders wear all of their gear, all of the time. While it can be a nuisance, it is far more detrimental to be hurt, injured or die or cause a death in a motorcycle accident.

5. Adhere To The Laws

In addition to specialized licensing laws, states also impose various motorcycle laws that vary between jurisdictions. Helmet laws are generally the first concern. However, there are many other mandates that apply to equipment, rider safety and insurance, as well as how the motorcycle is operated.

Off-road motorcycles have different regulations. Therefore, do a thorough study of the laws in your state and the places you plan to be driving so that no unexpected surprises occur.

With a keen mind, well-trained reflexes and integrity, most anyone can ride a motorcycle successfully. This involves not only the ability to handle the machine itself, but also a number of challenging situations. Therefore, in order to understand the various demands that are inherent with riding motorcycles, riders should educate themselves before hitting the open road. Remember that motorcycle safety is not a spectator activity, it is something that must be taken very seriously. Not only is this beneficial for the rider’s own safety, but the safety of others as well.

Motorcycle education is very important before “hopping on a hog” and Nadine Swayne offers this safety information to all riders. In the event you have a mishap, a Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyer group has helped clients since 1994 receive the fair compensation they deserve after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/5849701613/