5 Things You Must Not Do at the Start of a Rummy Game

A rummy game requires both intelligence and organising skills for a player to win. A wise card player will make sure to avoid certain moves at the very beginning of the game. He understands the game well and will know that silly moves may make him lose the game completely. Here we have listed out 5 things you should not do at the beginning of rummy.

  1. Do Not Try to Make Face Card Sequences

The cards King, Queen and Knight or Jack are referred to as face cards. These cards and the Ace card have 10 points each. So, holding onto these cards in the very beginning will be detrimental to your game. If you have a natural sequence in classic rummy, made from face cards then you may retain these cards. If you are having one or two face cards of a particular suit then the wiser thing to do is dispose these high value cards and replace them with low value number cards.

  1. Do Not Pick from Discard Pile Right Away

In rummy, the next player can pick cards from the cards disposed off by the previous player. However, it is never really wise to pick from the disposed pile in a 13 card rummy game, till you have formed your life. This is because the opponent can see which cards you are picking from the disposed pile. This will give the opponent a hint as to what sequences or melds you plan to make. A wise player would never want to give opponents such hints.

  1. Do Not Use Pulled Out Jokers for Sets

There are two types of Joker cards. The first is the type of joker that already exists in the deck in the form of joker or blank card. The other type is an arbitrary number you pull out from the deck which acts as a joker and is referred to as a pulled-out joker. The pulled-out jokers in a rummy patti game may even be used as a part of natural sequence as the number it actually represents. Since, pulled out jokers may even be used in natural sequences, a good player will not waste it on sets or melds till all the sequences are properly formed.

  1. Do Not Throw Cards That May Give a Hint about Cards in Hand

A good player is always careful about the cards in hand, be it the person playing rummy games free or cash games. He will never throw cards that the opponent needs. He will also avoid throwing cards that show what you have in your hand or what sets and sequences you plan to make. Play judiciously and never allow others to guess your moves.

  1. Do Not Pick Open Card Unless Necessary

Since there is no open card at the beginning of the game, a card on the top of the remaining deck is left open so that the player may use it or the next card. The open card is visible to your opponents too. That is why, unless the open card helps to form a natural sequence or set, it is wise to completely avoid picking the open card.

These are some simple tricks that avid rummy players follow at the beginning of the game in order to increase their chances of victory in the game. If you also wish to win the game, make it a point to practice this card game regularly on Khelplay Rummy app, the most convenient app for rummy players in India.