5 Tips For Advancing Your Career

It is important to understand that, in most cases, your dream career will not just be handed to you on a silver platter. Career management is an incredibly important aspect of attaining your future ambitions. While many companies assist their employees with advancing their careers, within their organisation, it is crucial that you play an active role in your own professional development.

In an ever competitive employment industry, it can often be difficult to know the best ways for approaching career advancement. Whether you’re looking for a new job or a promotion within your existing organisation, these tips can help you to succeed.

Be Proactive

This may sound simple, but it happens so often that people don’t create the right opportunities for themselves. Showing initiative and being proactive at work will help to open a world of possibilities for you. If you’re serious about obtaining a new promotion, don’t sit around and wait for someone to offer you one; instead, go out and make it happen. I know this is often easier said than done, but making your intentions known will help senior staff members to notice your achievements.

Strive to achieve your Company’s Goals

Every company has a set of goals, be it financial or organisational, along with their own style of business culture. Maintaining the ‘culture’ of your working environment and working in step with your company, to achieve professional goals, will help you to gain a competitive advantage against other candidates for promotions. If often helps to reread your company’s objectives and mission statement, as well as your own personal job description; think of ways that you can better maximise your role at work, in order to achieve company goals.

Network, Network, Network!

In today’s modern world of technology, it has never been easier to network with fellow industry professionals. Online networking tools, such as LinkedIn, provide a great starting platform for creating connections both within your company and within your sector. Don’t limit yourself to networking opportunities online, however, as becoming a member of associations or professional organisations within your industry can also help you to achieve career succession.

Update your Skills

You may have been top of your class when graduating 15 years ago, but things have more than likely changed since that time. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll notice changes happening every day; new programming systems may be starting to take shape, while new policies and procedures are often updated annually. A number of online courses are now available, which offer employees the chance to either update or further their qualifications. Both short courses and additional degrees are offered via online study, meaning you won’t need to quite your day job to become better qualified.

Get a Professional Mentor

You will often find that most successful business persons had a mentor during some stage of their career. A professional mentor can assist you in achieving your desired goals, by providing advice and guidance for your career. When choosing your mentor, find someone that has the professional characteristics that you wish to attain, along with someone who is willing to invest time in your future and guide you in your career decisions.

Jenny is the CEO at one of the largest businesses in Sydney, Australia. She says that online courses are a great way to advance your skills and put you ahead of the pack when an opportunity for a promotion presents itself. Jenny is currently writing her second book on business and career development.