5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Buggy For Baby

If you are a new mom or mom-to-be then, it is worth spending your time in reading this article. Shopping for baby’s products is no less than headache for parents as, they have to refer different blogs, articles and magazines or ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. However, buying baby related stuff is a matter of concern where parents need to focus on multiple areas.

And the same happened to me, I went through different sources as I wanted to buy a buggy for my baby. Finally, I was able to find the best model mountain buggy nano – a model having style & comfort both in a single piece. What made me buy this product? Yes, here I share a few factors which helped me select the right buggy for my baby.

5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Buggy

Before selecting the model, it is good to go through a few questions when you test the model…

  • Is it easy to fold?
  • Can you store it conveniently at your home?
  • Will you use it in future?
  • Are there both the options: forward-facing and parent-facing?

Now, consider these things while buying buggy…

  1. Does it fold and open up easily?

So, you should check out that can you comfortably fold the buggy with one hand or not. If you find a model which is light-weighted and you can fold it comfortably then you should short-list it. Practice can make you master in folding a buggy and it is one of the most important features for working moms.

  1. Are you a sporty mom?

If you are a sporty mom then there are more chances that you will come out with your baby. Well, jogging with a buggy can be troublesome but you can narrow down it by choosing suitable wheels. There are two types of wheel:, stationary and swivel. Most serious jogging buggies will have hand-operated brakes too.

If you are planning on hiking or off-roading with your buggy then you should choose one with a stationary wheel. A proper jogging stroller will offer a smooth ride for mom and dad both.

  1. Will it need to grow with your family?

It really depends, whether you are just starting your family or expecting twins. And if so then double buggy can be a convenient way to stay around. Double buggies come as a tandem when one child sits behind another or side-by-side. Some buggies offer a double option on a single stroller, also some offer a triple option.

  1. Is there sufficient space for a changing bag or some light shopping?

Most of the new buyers may overlook this feature. So, a large basket is a must-have feature that you should look for in a buggy. A cup holder may feature too but you will find most buggies either have one built in or it comes as an affordable accessory.

  1. What is your style?

If you are fashion conscious mother then you don’t want to compromise on any stuff, not even on baby’s essential. Although, there are so many options which can satisfy you. There is no doubt that designer buggies may hit your pocket more but it is something you will be using every day. So, quality should not be compromised while selecting any model of the buggy.

Some of the mothers choose any random buggy and they won’t feel it meeting their requirements and convenient to handle it. So, it is necessary to select a model after knowing which one suits you & your lifestyle.

Few more Tips…

Your buggy selection highly depends on your comfort, lifestyle, and budget. If you want to buy quality product & feature-full model then you should spend more on a product. And, for temporary usage, you can choose one that is light-weight and portable so that it becomes convenient for you while travelling.