5 Tips For Making Gardens Easier To Manage

Across our nation, many people aim to live in a house with a large garden and it’s great to be able to extend your home and enjoy some fresh air. What people often forget is that keeping a garden is not always a simple task as they can quickly become overgrown and it takes physical strength and lots of energy to keep on top of it. Here are a few tips to limit the maintenance required to keep your garden in an enjoyable condition:

Use Plant Pots
We recommend planting your flowers and trees in plant pots rather than directly into the ground. This will limit the space that your plants have to grow, so the roots won’t become overgrown and difficult to manage. Growing plants in plant pots also makes them portable and makes watering far easier. If you struggle with a bad back or find bending down difficult, then plant pots can also be a great help as they raise your flowers and plants up from the ground.

Create a BBQ Area
Another tip is to clear an area of your garden to become a patio or decking area. Whilst this takes time and money to create, in the long term it will save you hours and hours of labour. This is also a fantastic idea if you enjoy socialising, as it will make the perfect area for a BBQ. Placing your BBQ on a patio or area of decking will increase your BBQ opportunities, as you won’t have a soggy lawn to contend with.

Remove Young Weeds
If you keep on top of weeds and remove them when they are small and young you can save yourself a lot of effort in the long term. Mature weeds disperse seeds, creating hundreds or even thousands of new weeds that will spring up across your garden. Also, as weeds mature their roots grow making them more difficult to remove, the trick here is to attack them early.

Plant Selection
Spend a bit of time considering the typical conditions in your garden. Does it tend to get a lot of sun or is it always raining where you live? Does your soil contain a lot of clay or silt? Different plants thrive in different conditions and if you can match up your garden with the correct plants you will find that it will really blossom without much maintenance.

Plants produce seeds, and scatter these across your garden. Whilst you may adore your favourite flowers, you don’t necessarily want them to fill your garden. To prevent flowers from growing far and wide, it is necessary to deadhead self-seeding plants. The best time to do this is to clip off the old flower heads as soon as they begin to fade.

All of the tips mentioned in this article may feel like extra work to begin with, but if you keep on top of these small tasks you are bound to save time and money in the long run as you are left with a neater garden that is far easier to look after. 

This post was written by Crowders a leading supplier of BBQs and Plant Pots online.