5 Tips For Removing Stains From A Carpet

Oh no! You have dropped something on the carpet, whether it is a bit of food, a glass of wine or anything else that is going to leave a permanent mark. It seems like it is the end of the world! However it really isn’t, follow these 5 tips and you will be removing those stains from your carpet quicker than you can recite the alphabet! (Maybe not quite as quick, but it does come close!)

  1. Blot the spot with water, and dry it. You will need to use clean water from this process. Never ever scrub your carpet. Many people do this, and all they end up with a ‘damaged’ carpet. This is because you are going to putting huge amounts of wear on the carpet thread.
  2. You can make up a cleaning solution. This should remove the majority of ‘water-soluble’ stains. This includes things such as fruit juices, food dye, pet excrement, wine, most types of food and ink. In fact, if you are unsure whether you are covered or not. Try this solution anyway. You may be surprised to find that it actually works for you. Make the cleaning solution with a ¼ teaspoon of white wine vinegar combined with a glass of water. This should be a 1:32 solution (roughly). Remember the tip I offered before, you should not scrub the carpet at all with this solution!
  3. If you have a different type of stain, for example blood, vomit, tea or mustard, or you find that the previous cleaning solution doesn’t work, then don’t give up hope! There is another cleaning solution that you will be able to mix up yourself. If your carpet isn’t wool based, then you can grab a tablespoon of ammonia and mix it with one cup of water. If you have a wool carpet then use mild detergent instead.
  4. Have you split fat or wax on the carpet? Then stick a piece of paper towel over the top. Iron over this on the warm setting of your iron. You will find that this helps ‘suck’ the fat up onto the piece of paper.
  5. How about nail polish? You simply need to use nothing more than a nail polish remover. Don’t worry,  this won’t end up damaging your carpet.

The final tip I can offer is to never use a bleach product on your carpet, far too many people do this and they end up damaging their carpet forever. You don’t want this to happen to you right? If you still have that stain, then the best thing you can do is get in touch with your local carpet cleaning company, they should be able to help eradicate those tough and stubborn stains quickly and easily for you. They will also know how to do it without causing long lasting damage to your carpet.

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